5/29 Minor matters

Dallas Beeler gave up one run over 6 1/3 innings but took the loss in Iowa’s 1-0 loss to Memphis in the first game of a doubleheader. Arismendy Alcantara singled to extend his hitting streak to four games. The second game of Iowa’s doubleheader was suspended in the sixth because of rain. It will resume Thursday with Iowa trailing, 2-1.

Kris Bryant went 4-for-4 and hit his Southern League leading 15th home run in Tennessee’s 2-1, 11-inning loss to Huntsville. Bryant is now batting .349, and is 40-for-97 in May. Arodys Vizcaino struck out two in one inning in relief. Dae-Eun Rhee started and struck out eight over seven innings.

Wilson Contreras had two hits in Daytona’s 7-2 loss to Palm Beach. Nathan Dorris took the loss, giving up five runs over 4 1/3 innings. Gioskar Amaya had two hits.

Kane County won its fourth straight, beating Clinton, 7-1. Daniel Lockhart and Trey Martin each had three hits. Zak Hermans struck out four over 3 1/3 scoreless innings in relief to pick up the win.


Bryant needs to be in AAA. AA is clearly not challenging him, and it only stunts his growth the longer he spends against lower competition

ahhh I don’t know about stunting his growth… Bryant still has PLENTY to work on… defense especially as he has 10 errors thus far….. also he needs to try and not strike out at a 27% rate which is above average rate. There is nothing wrong with a guy being allowed to have some continued success. Bryant only has 221 plate appearances in AA. I would say if he keeps it up he will probably see a promotion around 300-350 PA area. But if he goes through a rough patch it could be a little longer

I saw that Alcantara played CF last night. I think it was you, petrey, who predicted that. It does kind of make sense.

yes CW it makes real good sense…. I really like Alcantara’s bat in the top of the order for our future… some pop… good OBP… good speed… should play a nice 2B or CF andn provide us with good value there. I hope to see Alcantara up with the Cubs by years end in CF.

Why not 600 -700 plate appearances? If 300-350 are good, why are not 600-700 even better? Then we can have him go to 900-1,000 plate appearances. Won`t that be best? Keep him in the minors as long as possible. That`s your philosophy. Pompous baloney!

I love all the baseball development experts who come on here and make statements like Byrant’s growth will be stunted if he isn’t called up this instant. Bunch of drama queens you all are. There’s a lot that goes into deciding if and when someone gets called up. If it was just as simple as what are they hitting, then we all would be baseball GMs. As petrey points out, there are other stats to look at and other things to consider.
Also, the consideration might go beyond just what Bryant’s numbers happen to be at this very moment. The Southern League, which the AA Tennessee Smokies are in, does half-season standings. This means at the half-way point of the season, a division winner is declared and the standings are then reset. At the end of the season, a second half division winner is declared and the two division winners play each other in the playoffs. The Tennessee Smokies are in second place and have yet to be mathematically eliminated from winning the division in the first half. Maybe the Cubs are considering the benefits of having the AA team in the playoffs? Sure, Bryant is likely to be long gone by the time the playoffs start, but it will certainly help the players that are at AA in the second half of the season. So until they are officially eliminated from first-half contention, maybe Bryant is staying there to help them any way he can. As for the Pacific Coast League, which the AAA Iowa Cubs are in, they do full-season standings, so having Bryant there in the second half of the season for a playoff push (they are currently in first place in their division) makes sense too. I’m not saying the Cubs are entirely basing their decision on what to do with Bryant on the minor league playoffs, but it’s certainly something they could be factoring into the decision, something beyond just what is he hitting and how many homers does he have right now.

You’re a little the dramatic side yourself, Doug. Minor league playoffs – really? Okay…maybe they should played Bryant longer in Spring Training so the Cubs could have had a better record then. None of use knows, but I suspect petrey is right (again). 350 ABs is right around what Mike Trout had in AA. Bryant’s #’s in AA are slightly better than Trout’s (which is an amazing sentence to write). So I would suspect that the Cubs will follow a similiar schedule, meaning Bryant is up in AAA in early July.

I didn’t say it was the factor in the decision, I said it could be a factor. You tell me, is it more dramatic to say “If the Cubs don’t call up Bryant now, his career will be ruined,” or to say “the Cubs are trying to determine the best time to call Bryant up based on a number of factors that would effect his own development as well as the strength of the organization as a whole.” And yes, the minor league playoffs should be a consideration because if your team makes the playoffs, that’s a few more games they get to play that season. That’s more at bats, more innings pitched you get to evaluate, and more meaningful games where you get to see how your players do under pressure against good competition. You don’t get anything for winning in Spring Training, so that’s why record doesn’t come into play then.

Well, you’re being dramatic again, because BillyClub didn’t write, “If the Cubs don’t call up Bryant now, his career will be ruined.” He said Bryant isn’t being challenged in AA, which seems plainly true to me. His offensive numbers in May are ridiculous. Obviously, there are a number of factors involved in when to move someone up. Maybe Alcantara playing CF is connected? I know that the Cubs are an upside-down organization right now, and it is more interesting to watch the minor leagues than the parent club, but if minor league playoffs play more than a very,m very minor role in decision making, I would be disappointed. If it does, then heck, let’s keep Vizciano there longer so he can help with the playoff push. Anyway, we’re all sick of watching the ML team hitters. And I’m just glad that Bryant is a Cub and will be on the team one day!

So what do you think he meant when he said his growth is being stunted? Maybe we’re interpreting it in different ways. To me, stunting ones growth is not a good thing, and if a bad thing happens in the development of a player it means their careers are not going to be exactly what we expected, and if they fail to live up to career expectations then yes, I think that their careers were ruined. For example, Corey Patterson. He had a long career, but it was no where near what anyone was expecting of him. So his career, while it still existed, was ruined because he could have been so much better at what he did. So when he says “stunts his growth” and is referring to the baseball developmental process, that’s how I interpret it. So again, not dramatic, just an interpretation based on his own words and past players who have failed to develop to reach their full potential.
As for the minor league playoff thing, I really don’t know how else to explain it. AA Tennessee making the playoffs this year would be Albert Almora and Dan Vogelbach, among others, would get bumped up to AA in the second half and would get to play 3-10 more games this season, all meaningful, all against the best competition AA has to offer. If getting that developmental boost means leaving Bryant in AA for a couple more weeks at most, then so be it. Unless leaving Bryant at AA for a couple more weeks will make his dominating performance go to his head and he’ll think he’ so great that he doesn’t need to show up until 5 minutes before the game and he can say and do whatever he wants and he can focus all his time on releasing his rap album and becoming an action movie star because baseball just comes naturally to him and he doesn’t even have to put up an effort to be good anymore. Do you really think that is a likely scenario, or do you think the more likely one is that he continues to play well at AA for that time, then gets promoted to AAA and works on what he needs to work on there until he’s ready for the Majors later this year or early next year?

His rap album – not that’s quite a straw man. Okay. You convinced me. Bryant will play in AA longer so Dan Vogelbomb will play an additional 3 – 10 games.

So you don’t think Almora or Vogelbach or any other prospect at that level could benefit from extra games? If you have a chance to give them extra games and all it takes is leaving Bryant in AA for a couple more weeks and doing that does not have any negative effect on his development what-so-ever, you wouldn’t do it? It’s all on Bryant and every decision the Cubs make should be based on will it be good for Kris Bryant or not and everyone else is on their own?
The thing is, I never said this is exactly why Bryant is still in AA. I was merely offering a suggestion of a factor that no one else has mentioned yet. It makes sense to me and that is one of the things I would consider if I were in the position to make the call. I’m just trying to introduce the possibility that there is more to decision making in a professional baseball organization than simply what is someone hitting and how many home runs do they have. The people making the decisions have all of the information we have, plus lots of info that we don’t have, so why are we pretending that we know something they don’t when it’s almost certainly the other way around?
For all I know, Bryant will be promoted to AAA tomorrow and that will be that. Maybe the Cubs have a specific at bat number that they are going to reach before promoting him? Maybe they have a specific date in mind? Maybe Theo believes in astrology and the signs for Bryant are not right and he has to wait for the Moon to be in the 7th house and Jupiter to allign with Mars. Maybe Theo values the opinion of old people who played some level of baseball 50 years ago and is trying to reach out to jhosk and Cubs Talk? I don’t know because I don’t work for the Cubs. All I know is what I would consider if I had to make the decision, and yes, overall development of the entire minor league system would be one of those factors.
Lastly, petrey10, don’t be a stranger around here. You have more sense and reasonability than anyone else I’ve seen on here. Do you really want the jhosks and the Cubs Talks of the world dominating this blog with their same old (and I do mean old) nonsensical rants and insults? We need more smart and reasonable Cubs fans like yourself on here to show everyone that we aren’t just a bunch of old folks blabbering on about 106 years and not spending on free agents and how every prospect fails, and so on. I look forward to your insight and your wisdom on the Cubs and baseball, and I don’t care how old you are or if you’ve ever played the game.

Dude, I have no doubt you know more about baseball than I do. I personally think the minor league playoffs aren’t a consideration, but I could be very wrong. Of course there are a number of factors involved in moving a player up, including isn’t there already a third basemen in Iowa? I’m sure they have a plan for Bryant. But I also would be shocked if his performance isn’t forcing them to they rethinking their plan. I’m just happy he’s a Cub. Bryant/Rizzo 3,4 (or 4,3) will be a beautiful thing.

I’m not saying that I know more about baseball than you. I just took issue with you equating winning in the minor leagues to winning in Spring Training, so I explained the difference. Again, I was explaining what I would consider if I were in the position to actually make the call, not explaining what the Cubs are actually doing. Unlike some people on here, I don’t claim to have knowledge of what the Cubs specific plans are or claim to know more than the people who are in charge of making those plans because I don’t work for the team or for any Major League Baseball team, so my opinion is just based on my own observations, what has happened in the past with similar situations, and what I would do if I were in position to make the calls myself.
And for the record, I think you actually have made some pretty good points too. Yes, the Cubs do have Christian Villanueva as their AAA 3B, and he is also considered a prospect (not as high up on the list as Bryant, but he’s still on mlb.com’s Cubs Top 20 prospects list). Someone like that they can’t just simply swipe aside in favor of Bryant. They would need to have a plan for what to do with him as well. Then of course there’s Mike Olt, who would need to move in order to accommodate Bryant at third in the Majors. You also brought up the Alcantara situation, which I never really considered. That was a good point and it’s something else that does need to be sorted out before any major move of Bryant, Baez, or any of the 25-man roster happens. All of that goes under the category of overall development of the minor league system. I think we all can agree that there are a lot of moving parts here and it’s not just as simple as “he’s hitting .349 with 15 homers, promote him right away!” I think we can also all agree that if it all works out, the Cubs will be a very exciting team in the not too distant future! Don’t be a stranger here either, as I really do think you bring some interesting view points to the discussion as well.

For all those who want Bryant with the Cubs now…raise your left hand.
For all those who want Bryant at AAA Iowa now……….. raise your right hand.
For all those who did not raise either hand………you are smart…..lets keep Bryant where he is at for now.

Will now return to Doug’s chatter.

Dale Sveum is the Royals new hitting coach.

For the record, when I said stunt his growth, I was not talking in Corey Patterson terms at all. I don’t think staying an extra month is going to have a terrible impact, I am just saying that if the minor league playoffs are the only reason you are holding him back, that is a bad idea. I just think that Bryant moving up would help his growth, there is not much reason keep him down hitting against teams that he is trashing for like a .380 avg this month

Have you all noticed we have the worst win/loss record in all of mlb? For most of the season there was Houston, meaning we could rely on them to suck even more than we. But that is no longer the case. The Astros have some impressive young talent like George Springer and have won six straight as I type. I suggest it`s time for Mike Olt to be sent to the minors, despite the fact that I`ve been one of his biggest supporters. His batting average is far below the Mendoza Line and he is fanning far too often, and his defense is wanting also. I wonder with whom we could replace Mike? Hmm? This is a conundrum. Hmm? Who could that be? Who do we have who is noted for his hitting prowess, and can play the hot corner who might actually provide protection for the likes of Rizzo and Castro? Hmm? This is a mystery. Can someone help me with this matter?

We have a prospect in AA named Kris Bryant, he is really good and can play 3B

Finally someone who agrees with myself. I was a lone voice in the wilderness prior to this. {If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to witness it, does it make a sound?} Are you “THE” Kris Bryant. sir, the original article, I mean? Whatever the answer, I am ever so glad you chimed in. Please believe me. That`s the name of that tune.

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