5/31 Cubs lineup

Anthony Rizzo is back after a one-game break. Jason Hammel gets the start against the Brewers at Miller Park. Here’s the lineup:

Bonifacio 3B
Lake CF
Rizzo 1B
Castro SS
Schierholtz RF
Coghlan LF
Baker C
Barney 2B
Hammel P


– This team is hitting .232…….only the Padres are worst…….
– 19-33………why bring Bryant & Baez up now?….will just hurt their moral……
– Where is Shark heading today?……..if it is Saturday, it most be the Dodgers !
– Houston won seven games in a row…..if only we can do the same….
– All those Pro-Renteria supporters out there…how do you like your guy so far?
– Crane Kenney got himself an extension until 2019……
– 2019…..which also could be the first year when the Cubs are back in the Playoffs…..
– This Cubs team is a Joke…so why not bring up Manny Ramirez…..first, he needs to serve his 50 days….but maybe Selig would waive that suspension out of kindness to Cubs fans………..
– Anyone see that story of a California HS team being sent home from the playoffs for playing wiffle ball before a game?…..seems it was violation according to rules ……..
– Can we send the Cubs home for “pretending” to be a major league team ?????

When will Clark get his turn in the line-up? :)).

Don’t give Renteria any ideas !

Aloha Folks- I have to say I like the defense of this lineup, especially up the middle. I am guessing Olt is out for either a break or b/c of the starting pitcher. Would be nice to see Lake mature more in his play in the field, I believe he has the tools but needs to turn it on because there are “hungry” folks in the farm system that would love to have a shot at where he is. Hope Hammel has a solid game and that the team can support him with some runs. Mahalo!

Aloha Folks- Hammel pitched another great game and the team batted 5-6 RISP, good job. Not lost on all of this is the fact that part-time starter Barney is producing and now has 11 RBI’s for the season, to bad for the interference call that cost him an error. Good job Rizzo at the plate and the DP between him and Nate. Hope they take tomorrow’s game! Mahalo.

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