5/31 Extra bases, post-game edition

* Anthony Rizzo posted his fifth career multi-homer game on Saturday, hitting a pair of two-run homers. It’s his first multi-homer game since Aug. 21, against the Nationals.

* Jason Hammel has thrown 14 scoreless innings at Miller Park in two starts, and struck out 15 over that stretch.

* Since May 12, the Cubs bullpen has a 1.96 ERA, giving up 12 runs over 55 1/3 innings.

* Jeff Samardzija faces Kyle Lohse on Sunday in the series finale.


Rizzo had a remarkable game at the dish. Recall I told you all a while back that there is a junior at Virginia whom I wish the Cubs would consider in the June draft. Mike Papi can rake. He is on display as I type as the Virginia/Arkansas contest is being seen on ESPN2. He`s 2 for 2 including a two run dinger in the first. Someone is going to draft the man; why not the Cubs?

Aloha jhosk! I was thinking about you and I pay attention to our college w.s. tournament! Very neat to see how good your Cavaliers are! I check in from time to time and try to keep in touch with my coach. I loved college ball and it gives me something else to enjoy during the season, especially when our team is struggling. I hope the FO will take a look at Papi, as he can play multiple positions, hits for power the previous year also hit for average and he looks to be a pretty good defender! It will be interesting to see who the Cubs pick with their first choice. Take care now. Mahalo!

Hello k.g. Yes, I like that you follow college baseball, especially at this critical time of the season, meaning on the Road to Omaha, of course. Isn`t it astonishing that both Florida and Florida State have been eliminated already? I like Papi not just because he plays for the Cavaliers, but he resides in a nearby community to where I`m domiciled here in Pennsylvania, namely Tunkhannock, and I recall him as a high school player. In fact, he was drafted by Anaheim out of high school, but obviously declined and decided to attend college, as many athletes often do. Mahalo!

Aloha jhosk- Yes, the road to Omaha! Baseball here in the states is different than say basketball where you now have some kids being drafted out of high school and going straight into the NBA, there are very few like a Dwight Gooden, who might have benefited by going to college where he would have had the opportunity to “mature” more. My coach loved to think of college ball as the “minors” and a place where hopefully with a good coach, he could mentor the young men not just in ball but in life because of what they would come up against. Yes, to hear that the two Florida teams were eliminated is astonishing but also shows how college ball has spread out meaning no longer are the days of just the Arizona, California, Florida, Kansas (Wichita), Mississippi to name a few. There is as you have stated Oregon, Virginia, Indiana, South Carolina, Alabama and so forth. Yesterday’s exciting game between Texas Christian University and Sam Houston State University going 22innings was awesome! You feel bad for whomever loses because they battled so hard and the score in the end…3-2! Neat about Papi coming from your area, hope they continue their run towards the C.W.S.! Mahalo!

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