6/1 Rizzo tossed; Samardzija exits

Jeff Samardzija had the shortest outing of his career Sunday, giving up eight runs on eight hits and two walks over three innings against the Brewers. Samardzija began the day leading the Majors in ERA at 1.68; that increased to 2.55. He wasn’t the only Cubs player to make an early exit. Anthony Rizzo was ejected in the fourth inning after arguing a called third strike with home plate umpire Jerry Meals. It’s the first time Rizzo has been tossed in his career.

— Carrie Muskat


Aloha Folks- as is not expected, frustration is setting in. I believe the Giants are a better team than the Brewers and Jeff S did a good job against them at their stadium so for him to give up this many runs, albeit on the road, in a short outing was bound to happen, he cannot be expected to go out there every game and give up 0-1-2 runs. But for there to be no run production from our side and a player getting tossed and a record worst than this point last year has got to be wearing on them. The FO has some decisions to make because it is one thing to “stay” on your planned path but if things are “hitting” the fan in a big way, is the organization capably of modifying some of how they do things before the situation gets so bad that it becomes detrimental to the survival of it? We will see what happens. Mahalo.

I don’t want to hear no more talk about Samardzija being an “Ace”……..
I think both teams wanted to get home to watch the Blackhawks tonight……..
Mark Buehrle won again today for Toronto……..
Chris Sale……now that guy is an “Ace”……….
No doubt the Cubs get the #1 pick in 2015……..
How much more of this “Sticking with the Plan” will Cubs Fans believe in?……
Most baseball plans of making a better team deals with winning more games…..not losing more games……
That Rizzo “strike” call, would be a “ball” if E Jackson was pitching……..
I know Bryant is tearing it up in Tennessee…..but his team is 4 games under 500…..
B Jackson came off the bench and hit a 2 Run bomb today……
If the Future Cubs are going to be good…just look at Daytona’s record……20-34
lets go Blackhawks !

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