6/3 Cubs lineup

The Cubs open a three-game series against the Mets Tuesday night at Wrigley Field. Jake Arrieta makes the start. Welington Castillo is not in the starting lineup. He came out of Sunday’s game with some soreness in his back. I’ll get more info after we talk to manager Rick Renteria. Also, expect a roster move to make room for Hector Rondon, back from paternity leave.

Here’s the lineup:

Bonifacio 2B
Lake CF
Rizzo 1B
Castro SS
Valbuena 3B
Schierholtz RF
Coghlan LF
Baker C
Arrieta P


I wonder what move they’ll make? The bullpen’s been pretty strong lately and even Veras is pitching better since coming off the DL. And they don’t exactly have a deep bench right now, so I doubt it will be a position player. Carlos Villanueva seems like someone they could let go, but would it be a DFA or could they have been working on a trade over the weekend? Personally, with 53 hits allowed in 29.1 innings, I don’t think there’s much they can do to reestablish his value between now and the deadline. I guess they could send down someone with options, but Ramirez and Grimm and Rondon have been pitching pretty well so far, so I would think they would like to keep them in the Majors for now. Or is someone a bit banged up and they’ll put him on the DL to activate Rondon? I guess we’ll find out within the next 3 hours…

Or in the next 3 minutes. I guess they figured they couldn’t reestablish Veras’ value and having a swingman like Villanueva is more valuable to them at the moment. I’m just glad that they managed to keep the younger pitchers who have been pitching well up in the Majors. Rondon and Grimm could very well be the closer and setup guy for years to come and Ramirez I still think might find his way into the rotation at some point.

Doug……Veras move was a No Brainer…….Villanueva will be a “steal” to a playoff team later on.

We’ll see about Villanueva becoming a steal. At the moment, I don’t see why any team in contention would want him over any other swingman that might be available, or anyone in their own minor league system. I guess he’ll have at least up until July 31 to change that. And I’m fine with Veras being gone. I just thought that with him pitching a little better since coming off the DL and with late-inning experience that someone might show some interest in him in July. But the key here is that Rondon, Grimm, and Ramirez are still here and should continue to develop as the season goes on.

Veras is gone !

Castillo on the DL…Whiteside called up from Iowa………..and don’t be surprise a few teams put a claim on Veras.

More teams would have claimed Villanueva.

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