6/3 Roster moves

The Cubs designated Jose Veras for assignment on Tuesday, making room for Hector Rondon to return from paternity leave. The Cubs also placed Welington Castillo on the 15-day DL with a sore left rib cage. Eli Whiteside was promoted from Triple-A Iowa.

We’ll have more later on Cubs.com.


Aren’t they paying Veras a ridiculously large contract?


$3.85 million for this year, plus a $150k buyout of next year’s option, for a grand total of $4 million. Not ridiculously large and it will be pretty much off the books in 2015.

Ricketts should pay Cubs Fans a ridiculously large sum to come see his lousy team play.

The Cubs promoted C Rafael Lopez from AA to AAA today, so I figured there would be a move involving the other two AAA catchers on the way. I was hoping it would be promoting Luis Flores and DFAing Baker, but oh well. The Cubs are going to have a pretty weak hitting catcher position until Castillo comes back. On the plus side, two veteran catchers working with the young pitchers couldn’t hurt their development.

“pretty weak” is not the term………..more like “God Awful” hitting catcher………even you Doug might be better then what we have now.

Nope, I doubt I could get a hit against any current Major League pitcher, and probably most living former Major League pitchers.

I wonder if George Mitterwald can still play?

On the Veras subject, good move.

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