6/7 Cubs lineup

Jeff Samardzija gets the start Saturday for the Cubs in Game 2 of their three-game series against the Marlins. Here’s the lineup:

Bonifacio CF
Lake LF
Rizzo 1B
Castro SS
Ruggiano RF
Olt 3B
Barney 2B
Whiteside C
Samardzija P


Well that was a great fun afternoon of Cub’s baseball! Well played and well won! Takes away some of the pain of California Chrome’s loss. Still is a beautiful great horse! Am wondering if Olt might be better served by taking a few games at AAA to rebuild his confidence. Infield of Valbueno, Castro, Barney and Rizzo is tight.

I suggested Olt go to AAA last week , White. Here`s something else I suggested five or six weeks ago, and I received zero support with my idea, I might add. I said I viewed Junior Lake as a future star. He may very well wind up hitting .210 and striking out 180 times by the end of this season, and I do not care. I still believe he will be a star one day. It probably will not be with the Cubs, as the geniuses on this site do not appreciate Junior, nor does the FO from what I have seen. Most of you on this site are too young to recollect Lou Brock. He spent two full seasons with the Cubs putting up pedestrian numbers, and was traded to the Cardinals where he proceeded to put up numbers worthy of the Hall of Fame. Am not saying Junior will be another Brock, but he will be a star. I recall Brock tearing it up in his first spring training with the Cubs, and that made me an instant supporter, and I hated it when he was sent to St. Louis for Ernie Broglio. just as I knew it was a major blunder to let Greg Maddux leave. I have seen many of you project a future Cubs` outfield, and that outfield does not include Junior lake. I predict you all will regret that .

jhosk, good evening. I agree with you that Junior Lake has the potential to be a future star and I agree with you that we should not let him go. Right now he has the look of a colt trying to find his legs but when he does. – watch out! Probably sooner than later. Even this season I have seen him show improvement in fielding and today he was not messin’ at the plate! Two home runs will put his confidence level way up there! And you gotta have that confidence to get the hits!

Is always a pleasure, White, and am disappointed with the race result, and believe there may never be another Triple Crown winner if the current format persists.

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