6/12 About last night …

Note: I’ll try to post a link to Chris Coghlan’s amazing non-catch Wednesday night.


Chris Coghlan should make the Cubs’ highlight reel for a catch he didn’t make. Coghlan nearly robbed Andrew McCutchen of a home run with a leaping catch, but a fan ended up with a souvenir and the Pirates picked up the win, beating the Cubs, 4-2.

McCutchen’s homer in the first ended Cubs starter Jason Hammel’s scoreless streak and homer-less streak with one swing. The Cubs starter entered the game riding a 14-inning scoreless streak, but that ended quickly. He walked leadoff man Josh Harrison on four pitches, and one out later, McCutchen launched his 10th home run to left. Coghlan may have made the best non-catch of the season when he jumped to the top of the fence and the ball deflected off his outstretched glove. A lucky fan got the ball, the Pirates had a 2-0 lead and Coghlan impressed with his daredevil leaping ability.

“I definitely would’ve gone out there and high-fived him, if he would’ve caught that,” McCutchen said. “That was a really good effort, kind of what I was laughing at. If he would’ve caught that, I wouldn’t have been mad. I would’ve been impressed, like, that’s a play no one’s gonna top that play, and at least I was a part of it, wrong end, but still a part of it.”

All Rick Renteria could see were Coghlan’s legs as the outfielder went up the wall.

“You can’t ask for anybody to do more than he did,” Renteria said of Coghlan’s effort. “He scaled the wall and put himself in a position to potentially catch it. If it had been anything different where it’s a ball and somebody is reaching over to this side of the field, you can go out there and say something. In this case, he was trying to take away a souvenir from a fan.”

Coghlan said he used the wall to give him a boost.

“I had the ball, I could’ve caught it, but the guy got in the way — his hands were up,” Coghlan said. “It’s a good place to be able to rob a home run because the wall’s not that tall. I felt I went a couple rows deep and I had it, but the fan was there.

“I’m not on the [fan] at all,” Coghlan said. “I just know where I was and where the glove and the ball were going to go, I would’ve caught it.”

— Carrie Muskat


Being lose only counts in Horse Shoes and Hand Grenades.


“About Last Night”……what an over-rated movie that was…..

meanwhile, Schierholtz could have put that game away for us several times……instead, Nate put his bat to bed.

It was still an awesome effort! More than some of the other players are willing to do!!

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