6/12 Minor matters – Thursday’s games

Chris Valaika hit a solo home run in Iowa’s 5-2 loss to Fresno on Thursday. Eric Jokisch took the loss, giving up five runs over six innings.

Kris Bryant doubled and scored a run but it wasn’t enough as Tennessee lost, 4-2, to Mississippi. Bryant walked in the third, moved up on a wild pitch and scored on Charlie Cutler’s RBI single. Bryant doubled in the sixth and scored on Rubi Silva’s two-out triple to tie the game at 2. Starter Dae-Eun Rhee gave up two runs over six innings.

In the first game of a doubleheader, Daytona mustered two hits in a 5-1 loss to Dunedin. Tayler Scott took the loss, giving up five runs over 4 2/3 innings. Wes Darvill hit his first home run. In the second game, Dunedin won, 5-2. Nathan Dorris gave up five runs over 2 1/3 innings.

Juan Paniagua threw six shutout innings in Kane County’s 4-1 win over Peoria. Dan Lockhart and Shawon Dunston had two hits and one RBI each.


I have been seeing a constant theme here with Bryant……..he is hitting….but his team is losing……………..as I always have been saying, we can have all these future great hitters coming up ( Baez, Bryant, Almora) , but we have no pitching.

cheap “great hitters” will allow you to buy your pitching. We have a top 3-5 farm system lets be happy we have that and hope the players in it can turn into ML contributors.

Also keep in mind that 4 of Tennessee’s main starting pitchers are currently on the DL (Edwards, Johnson, Pineyro, & Black). They also have played most of the season without Jorge Soler, Stephen Bruno just got off the DL, and their top catcher was recently promoted to AAA. Bryant is the main showcase on Tennessee, but you can’t draw any conclusions about him related to Tennessee’s record or Tennessee’s record as a result of his performance.

OK, at the end of spring training, Cub brass said they wanted the top Cub prospects to “dominate” at the level they were placed at before they would be moved up. In his first 234 at bats at AA, Kris Bryant is hitting .359 with 22 HRs, a .460 OBP and 1.178 OPS. What more does he need to prove at that level?

Scott I argued the same thing, it was pointed out Management may be waiting for Bryant to appear in the AA All star Game. I am going to wait until after that before I jump on the band wagon again.

Baez – I’m not sure I would classify him as a “great hitter.” Can someone name a great ML hitter who struggled so much in AAA? Because I can’t. I think he’ll be a good hitter, a Soriano-type who gets hot for stretches, but also is real bad for stretches. I hope I am wrong.

It’s tough to say right now. People have compared him to Garry Sheffield in the past. Whether you consider Sheffield great or pretty good, I think that’s still a good sign. Heck, even Soriano in his prime was pretty good to great, so I’ll take that too. I am a little concerned about his strike outs. I know most good power hitters strike out a lot, but if you can still manage to hit over .250 and get on base at a decent clip, then strike outs are not a huge deal. However, if you’re hitting only .220 and striking out 150+ times a season, you’re not having very many productive at bats, even if you are hitting 30+ homers a season. I just hope that Baez is closer to a Soriano or Sheffield than he is a Russell Branyan or a Pedro Alvarez or a 2011-present Adam Dunn.

To me, Gary Sheffield was a great hitter. Why? Incredible OBP, which is the single most important offensive stat. Soriano is good, mainly because of power – the second most important stat. But he’s not great. And his OBP was nothing to crow about. And pitchers could get him out without throwing strikes. I really like the Cubs’ new management team and I’m so happy they now draft hitters who understand the strike zone and recognize that controlling the strike zone is the key to winning (I don’t think they would have drafted Baez). I think they are doing their best to teach that to Baez and I hope he learns it. If not, he’ll be a good 6th or 7th hitter on a good team. I actually wouldn’t be surprised if at some point he is traded since he doesn’t fit the type of player they like.

But I could be too negative :()

I will take a Gary Sheffield bat in a lineup any day…….but not a Gary Sheffield cancer clubhouse attitude.

Hey….its ALOHA FRIDAY……….A-L-O-H-A !

Aloha CubsTalk- Yes it is Aloha Friday, I am so glad you reminded me of it at this moment, as I have been having quite the day! I was supposed to go to a Giants-Rockies game tonight and do not know now if that will happen. Take care now and go Cubbies! Mahalo!

I recall you saying you hoped to see the Yankees/A`s this weekend, k.g. because you were wanting to see Jeter one final time and I know you admire Ichiro`s game. I was hoping you attended Friday`s contest as both Jeter and Ichiro had two knocks. Sometimes Jeter is given a day off, and Ichiro is just a part time player these days, meaning it`s hit and miss trying to predict when both will participate in the same contests. Mahalo!

Aloha jhosk- last night (Friday) went to the Giants/Rockies game, Lincecum really settled down after a shaky beginning and left after the seventh inning with a 4-2 lead. I left at the end middle-end of the 8th, and listen on the radio. The Giants just fell apart and gave up 5 runs in the 9th and lost 7-4, poor Timmy. I will be seeing Jeter and hopefully Ichiro this coming Sunday. Will let you know how that goes! Mahalo!


Samardzija is not the only starting pitcher on the trade market…….lets look at other big names on the trade block…….

I. Kennedy…….not as good as in 2011, but might be moved
Hammel………….will be moved, look for a trade by end of June.
C. Lee…………….big name….plus a big contract for another year
J. Masterson……will be sought after, but won’t bring much value in his walk year
J Beckett……….not going anywhere with Dodgers in the race
B McCarthy…….not a big name, but injuries is a concern
J Lester………..I doubt it, Boston will be in this race until the end
AJ Burnett ……..could help some team this year, but it was not be the Phillies.
E Jackson……….most of his salary was up front….one GM might be desperate.
J Peavy…………see Lester note.
S Feldman……….Astros might look for a similar deal that Theo did on Feldman
J Shields………will be one of the top 3 pitchers sought if KC is out of the race.
D Price…………Rays will look for a Garza/Archer type of deal.

Jed Hoyer said the Cubs will spend money on free agents this year……..hopefully, players who don’t come with a x-ray on their shoulder, arm, etc…….

How about these players…….

CF – Colby Rasmus……..put hi in CF until Almora can really take over…..which may not be until 2017.

C – Kurt Suzuki……….will be hard to sell him as being a back up to Castillo, but does anyone really feel Castillo has won the catching job full time?

RF – Nick Markakis………I really like this guy, and he might get a buy out option from the Orioles….RF could be his until Soler gets called up when he gets his muscle problems fixed…..which could be 2016

Your always talking about pitching, then you find out the Cubs may sign FA’s next year and your hopes go towards everyday players?
There are rumors today and will be rumors until Samardizja and Hammel are traded. If so, who are the Pitchers next year? Wood, Jackson and Arrietta are decent in the middle and end of the rotation.

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