6/15 Minor matters – Saturday’s games

Luis Flores hit a solo home run but it wasn’t enough as Iowa lost its fifth straight, dropping a 9-4 decision to Sacramento. Matt Szczur had three hits.

Tennessee lost 6-4 to Mississippi. Tayler Davis hit his first home run of the season, a two-run shot in the seventh, and Kris Bryant was one of three players to hit a double.

In the Florida State League All-Star Game, the North scored four runs in the ninth to beat the South, 6-4. Five Daytona players appeared in the game for the North: Gioskar Amaya, Bijan Rademacher, Marco Hernandez, Felix Pena and Andrew McKirahan. Hernandez had two hits and one RBI, and Amaya hit a two-run double in the ninth. McKirahan picked up the win in relief. Daytona returns to action Monday against Tampa.

Kane County blew a 9-0 lead and lost, 12-11, to Beloit. Jacob Hannemann went 4-for-6 with two RBIs, Jordan Hankins had four hits and five RBIs, Carlos Penalver had three hits and two RBIs.

Kyle Schwarber had three RBI singles in his second game to help Boise beat Tri-City, 10-5. Schwarber was 6-for-9 with six RBIs in his first two games. Erick Leal picked up the win, giving up one unearned run over five innings.

* Tennessee placed John Andreoli on the disabled list, retroactive to June 11. In 61 games, he was batting .211, and leads the Southern League with 28 steals. The Smokies activated Corey Black from the DL. He was 2-4 with a 3.44 ERA (20 ER in 52 1/3 IP).He was leading the league with a .186 batting average against when he was placed on the DL.


Henry Schulman: “I’ve heard the exact opposite than Nightengale about Samardzija, that barring injury #sfgiants have no plans to adjust rotation.” I trust Hank. I still think Shark will either be traded to the Blue Jays or won’t be traded. Of course, if I shared a division with the Yanks and BoSox (and thus had a chance to win the division once every 10 years), I would trade away the farm.

Everyone wants Shark…..too early to mention prospect names…..I think when the deadline gets closer, GM’s who want to save their jobs will deal away the farm system to win …….Theo cannot get his players, he still has this off season and next July 2015 to deal Shark for the players he wants……….one way or another, Theo will get the Prospects he wants.

this coming from the guy that said Shark would be traded by the middle of May…. good call CT…

And coming from the guy who has spent the past two months on here giving us daily lists of every team’s interest level and what they could give up to get him. But yes, it’s still too early to look too closely at it!

lol very true…. what a joke

So I don’t follow you: are you saying that everyone wants Shark so a deal is inevitable, or it isn’t going to happen and Theo will trade him offseason? Why not throw in, “or the Cubs will extend him” and you have every base covered?

I was saying every team would take Shark in a minute….but many GM’s are not willing to pay the price Theo is asking……..but there will be several GM’s who will at the last minute throw major prospects at Theo for Shark…….for them, it is “WIn” now or get “Fired” in October……..and a GM will not want a team within their division to get Shark to overtake them……and we can forget about Shark signing a contract with the Cubs…..NOT HAPPENING………this talk you hear around the league of saying Shark is not worth it, is just trying to down grade him……..when Shark goes to a Playoff team, his moral will get a big boost and his game will pick up a notch…..and many teams know this.

Sunday was a profitable day in multiple ways. The Cubs shut out the Phils. K.g. got to see both Jeter and Ichiro play and both had knocks and the Yankees lost. Virginia defeated Ole Miss in Omaha and Papi laced a walk-off double in the ninth. I shall sleep well tonight.

Aloha jhosk- congratulations to Virginia in the CWS, hope they continue their quest! I kept looking at the scoreboard in Oakland to see how our Cubbies were doing and when I saw a “F” for final I was so happy! As you mentioned the Yankees did not win but it was a joy to see a 40yr old and 39yr old play as well as they do! Ichiro made a great catch (again) in right center. His defense is still better than many who are 10-20yrs his junior. He also had a great hit and was appreciated by the whole crowd. The same can be said of Jeter who played very good defense at short and just missed a home run to deep left-center. I really hope what Hoyer and other’s have said about getting players-veterans in the off-season is true, ones that not only can play and immediately help the team but also mentor as well. Now as you said, “I shall sleep well too..!” Mahalo!

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Are the Cubs willing to throw in a major prospect in a Samardzija or a Hammell or even a E Jackson trade to get better pitching?………..it might happen !………….many team s feel they will not be able to sign Shark after the 2015 season….and not willing to give up on top pithing prospects for Shark …..or if we need to rid of E Jackson, we need to include a top prospect to get major pitching prospects in return………so maybe Theo will have to get creative to receive a better package of Pitching prospects…………I am wondering if one of our Top 4 Minor League Hitters might be included……both Baez & Bryant will not be considered……Soler is getting hurt too often, and when healthy, could be a Puig type of player………so the only player who could be available in a trade would be Almora………I think we can get a nice package of players for Shark without including Almora……but if we can include Almora in a E Jax trade, lets say to the Orioles for their prospects, it might happen…………….


Poor Ryno…….spent his time on Minor League Bus rides waiting for a MLB managers job and he got stuck with the Phillies…….Phillies need a new GM, but Ryno should not be fired for what was given to him…….clean house at the top and with the Howard’s, Lee’s, Utley’s……..if they have to eat salary, do it…….


Royals are hitting now after they fired their hitting coach a few weeks ago and moved a coach named Dale Sevum as their new batting instructor…….


Sad to say that HOF Tony Gwynn passed away this morning……………….one of the best hitters I ever saw.

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