6/17 Cubs lineup

Jeff Samardzija gets the start Tuesday night in the second game of the Cubs’ three-game series against the Marlins. There are plenty of rumors about Samardzija and whether he’ll stay or be dealt by the Trade Deadline. The Cubs are continuing talks with Samardzija’s agent about a possible deal to stay.

Here’s the lineup:

Valbuena 3B
Ruggiano LF
Rizzo 1B
Castro SS
Schierholtz RF
Lake CF
Barney 2B
Whiteside C
Samardzija P


Pros & Cons dealing with Shark……….
– Shark still has a young pitching arm…..not many innings as a starter
– Shark has intense emotion to win
– Shark still has another year left before he hits free agency
– Shark could be on the verge of becoming an “Ace”
– if Shark gets traded, the Cubs can get at least three top pitching prospects
– can sign a huge Cubs contract, and be an anchor for the next five years
– Looking for a contract at $20-22 million per year for over 5 years
– Not giving any type of discount to his home town
– throws too many pitches, sometimes 115 pitches for six innings
– almost 30 with no establish pitching records yet
– could be 34 yrs old by the time Cubs are ready to compete
– is Theo ready to pay a pitcher $20 million if he has TJ issues later on
– lets his emotions get to him, starts making bad pitches.
– can get traded, become a “Ace”, and we get a bunch dead arms in return

If you let Shark go you still got to spend money in FA on an ACE type pitcher. SCherzer, Lester, Shields, and Masterson are the top names that SHOULD hit FA this winter…. Of that list I would put only Scherzer over Shark in terms of future potential/value/performance. I would much rather just keep Shark and maybe look at signing Shields or Masterson to be our #2. This team is on the brink of starting the turn around. Lets not delay that turn around by trading our best pitcher for some unknown prospects. Yes those prospects could turn into the next Kershaw but the probability of the prospect being what SHark is now isn’t good. If he doesn’t want to be a Cubs then thats fine I hope he just lets management know that and not broadcast it. If you put a league average OF on this team you got an extra 3-4 wins so far and are right in the mix for the WC. If Alcantara, Baez, and Bryant can be contributors next year with that league average OF you got an even better chance at that WC spot. The bullpen has solidified itself as a very deep unit (told you so CT). The starting pitching has been good even with a regression in Wood (another told you so). Keep the rebuild progressing…. trading shark is a regression IMO

I think the Cubs can justify what they do with Samardzija either way they go, which is why I stated earlier this year that they are in a good spot with him and why I’m not taking a position that they should do one or the other. I think what they do with Samardzija will tell you how close they think they are to their window of competitiveness opening again.
If they lock him up, I think they must think that there is a chance to take a big step forward in 2015. After all, they’ve recently hinted that they might be in the market to add a few veterans to combine with the prospects coming up, not just to flip for more prospects at the deadline. Locking up Samardzija plus adding a vet or two plus Baez and Bryant just arriving plus continued development of Castro & Rizzo could be enough for the Cubs to think that they are done with the 90+ loss seasons and that they can at least be in the playoff race with a bunch of other mediocre teams in 2015, if not better. And with more reinforcements on the way from the minors, even if it doesn’t happen in 2015, they have no reason to believe that it won’t get even better in 2016 and beyond.
If they trade him, they might be saying that they’re still at least a year away and could stand to gain from adding more prospects to the system from trading him, plus another top 10 draft pick from being bad in 2015. Even if the prospects you get back in a trade are Major League ready, they might still be trying to find out exactly how they fit into the Cubs roster. Ramirez, Grimm, and Olt are all in the Majors now, but the Cubs are still trying to figure out where exactly they fit into the grand scheme of things. They’re using this seemingly-lost year to help figure it out. Ramirez looks like a future closer, but he could also be warming himself up for an audition in the rotation come 2015. Grimm and Olt have had some success, but they’re still not set in what their roles are moving forward, or in Olt’s case if he even has a role moving forward. The players they get back for Samardzija might need the same treatment in 2015 as those three are getting this year. In which case, 2015 will still be a rebuilding year with an eye on 2016 being the year all the pieces fit together at once and the Cubs take a huge leap forward.
While it’s pretty much a foregone conclusion that Hammel will be traded and Barney, Bonifacio, Schierholtz, Ruggiano, Russell, Wright, and Villanueva are gone if someone will give up something for them, what the Cubs end up doing with Samardzija in the next month and a half will reveal where they think they are in the rebuild and what their offseason plans might be. Stay tuned…

If the rumor is true, I suspect they are getting a sense that teams won’t pay the ransom the Cubs are asking for. Shark has a ton of leverage.

I don’t think a team will pay two top tier pitching prospects.. bc to me that means two pitchers in the top 30-40 of all of baseball…. there aren’t many teams that have that luxury. I think a deal for shark should be a top 30, top 50, top 80, and top 100ish(wildcard,…. high ceiling high risk). Thats just the cost of getting a pitcher as good as Shark with an extra year of control. I just see the FO caving in and signing Shark to what he wants. Its best for the future of this team IMO. Prospects are fine and dandy but the % of them panning out is low. With shark we at least know what we are getting. Injury is always a concern with either. We know Sharks mileage to the T so we should be comfortable with that.

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