6/17 Cubs tidbits

According to the Cubs:

* The Cubs have played nine extra inning games this season, the most through June 16 since 10 extra-inning affairs at this point in the calendar in 2008.

* Travis Wood delivered the game-winning hit with a RBI double in the 13th inning. Cubs historian Ed Hartig reports Wood is the first Cubs pitcher in nearly 25 years (and the fourth in the expansion era) with a game-winning RBI in extra innings since Les Lancaster delivered a walk-off RBI double on July 20, 1989 vs. San Francisco. The other two are: Fergie Jenkins in 1968 and Lindy McDaniel in 1963.

* The Cubs have won back to back games on the road for the first time since Sept. 9-10 last season in Cincinnati. The Cubs have not won three-straight road games on the same trip since April 25-27, 2013.

* Jeff Samardzija is the only pitcher in baseball to make at least 12 starts this year and have two wins despite an ERA under 3.00. The only other pitcher in baseball with two wins despite a sub-3.00 ERA in at least 10 starts is San Diego’s Andrew Cashner, who has missed time on the DL and has two wins in 11 starts.

* Samardzija is the first National League pitcher to reach the middle of June with two wins despite having made 14 starts with a sub-3.00 ERA. Only one other pitcher did that, and it happened last season when Kansas City’s James Shields had two wins in 14 starts through June 15 despite a 2.79 ERA.

* With a win Tuesday or Wednesday, the Cubs would win consecutive road series for the first time in nearly a year.

* The Cubs’ 3.01 season ERA (71 ER/212 IP) from its bullpen ranks fourth-lowest in the NL this season. That is more than a full run lower than the bullpen’s 4.26 ERA (88 ER/186 IP) through the first 68 games of last season.


The Cubs have had a few good-hitting pitchers in the expansion era, so it’s surprising that it’s only happened 4 times and that Travis Wood is the first to do it in almost 25 years. With Sutcliffe, Maddux, Kerry Wood, Prior, Zambrano, Marquis, and Samardzija, you’d think that at least one of them would have had the opportunity and ability to drive in the winning run as a pinch-hitter in a long extra inning game.

you think in the past 25 years, with all the great pitchers and players we had, we could have been in at least one World Series.

Good post,sounds like good things happening in the Cubs organization.Samardzija will not just be given away to the highest bidder unless it is a sweet deal. It will be a gamble to hold on to him thru the trade deadline though,good news with the bullpen pitching better,things are actually looking up,would still like to see Travis Wood and maybe the Shark batting 8th when pitching,some clubs have actually had success with it. Oh well not my call but It has been more enjoyable watching Cubs ball lately. Go Cubs!

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