6/18 Kris Bryant to Iowa

Kris Bryant is being promoted to Triple-A Iowa. The Cubs’ No. 1 pick in last year’s Draft posted the news on his Twitter account, and the team has confirmed it.

Bryant did everything the Cubs wanted him to do at Double-A Tennessee. The second pick overall in last June’s First-Year Player Draft, Bryant was leading the Southern League in the Triple Crown categories with a .355 batting average, 22 home runs and 58 RBIs in 68 games with Tennessee.

During a radio interview in Chicago on Tuesday, Theo Epstein was asked about Bryant’s progress.

“Is he dominating Double-A right now? Of course he is,” Epstein said. “Does that mean his development is complete? No.”

If you’re looking for weaknesses, there aren’t many. The third baseman has struck out 77 times in 248 at-bats, and has made 14 errors. The right-handed hitter was batting .442 against lefties, .337 versus right-handers. He hit .281 in April, followed that with a .407 May and was hitting .373 this month.

— Carrie Muskat


I hope he continues to just absolutely destroy the baseball. Best wishes to him and hopefully he has a great impact on the rest of the team.

can we all calm down now about this… lol …. he’s promoted… realize he will be in AAA for about the same number of at bats as he was in AA. No pressure. May see him get a flyer in September

Second! Sadly, there are still people who think that the Cubs are trying to ruin him because he wasn’t promoted two weeks ago. I’ve always said that the Cubs baseball development people know more than any of us and we should give them the benefit of the doubt until we have a reason not to. Bryant was hitting everything in AA, so now let’s see what AAA has in store for him.

Agreed as well. And I think it is impossible to predict when he’ll be called up, because he hasn’t played a game yet in AAA. They do seem to promote people fairly quickly who are “dominating.” And if not, then the player does not to move. Mike Trout played 18 games in AAA. Others need more work.

Aloha Folks-
Glad to see him move and just let him get many at bats plus work on defense. Maybe we get treating to seeing him briefly in September or maybe not. Timing is a tough call and is an art. My father, coach and I would chat about that because you are “damned if you do or damned if you don’t.” I am willing to give the staff the benefit of the doubt and am excited for Bryant now and hope his growth track continues greatly in AAA. I have thought about Olt and still have positive feelings towards him, I wonder if AAA would be good for him, being consistently in a lineup might help him out and grow his confidence at the plate? Well, you all have a great day. Mahalo!

and a AAA lineup of Alcantara, Baez, and Bryant is going to be fun to watch in Iowa for the next couple months….

Agree petrey10, may take him a few games to get comfortable and adjust, but he is ready. It will be interesting to see where he plays.

This move should have been made at the end of April. Better late than never, one surmises, but is more proof the front office is not a quick study. Is it any wonder we have one of worst winning percentages in mlb?

seriously? give me a break. Why did this need to happen in APril? What would that have proven or done that can’t be done now? Bryant needs the time to dominate. He didn’t even have 300 PA…. 297PA to be exact…. thats a good sample size and allows him to make adjustments. Pushing him along to leagues where he may be over powered would not allow him to make those adjustments.

Yeah i think this was a good time to move him to AAA. This team is not going to win right now, we dont need to move the entire farm system up just so the fans have something to look at. People need to be patient and hopefully good things will happen. I am happy for Bryant and from what it sounds like, everyone else on here is too. Go Cubs!

just think by late august the AAA lineup could have, Bryant, Baez, Alcantara, Manny, and Soler in the order some where… talk about a high powered offense…. the future is bright here guys we just need to be patient

Sounds nice petrey10, but there is one I disagree on. Thats Soler! Watching him in the AFL, I really seen nothing indicating he is close to ML ready. I know they told him to take it easy.

Then take into account the constant injuries since being signed. If anyone needs At Bats, its Soler. He just cant stay off the DL to get those At Bats.

o i know that… but I am hoping Soler gets back to action in AA in the next week or so and can play there thru July and August… getting the AAA promotion in Late AUg- Sept. Soler has the best mix of the tools of any of our prospects. Power, Speed, Contact, Defense, approach etc etc its all there…. he just has to stay healthy. I am hoping the muscle issues can be resolved with some special training and nutrition. If you take away the injuries I fully believe Soler would be in AAA by now very close to his promotion to the Cubs. But he has been injured so he is where he is.

Exactly petrey10, I am hoping that vision comes about. Nice post.

Vizcaino & Rivero heading to Iowa…….all these players going to Iowa…who is leaving?

Could be someone heading to the DL? If not, maybe they’ll send Villanueva back to AA, as he has been struggling at AAA lately. As for the pitchers, either someone is going to the DL, or they could demote/release any number of guys such as Frank Batista, Alberto Cabrera, Marcos Mateo, or Yoanner Negrin. I guess someone could be moving up to the Majors too, but unless a Major League player is about to go on the DL or get traded/released, I don’t see who that would be. Minor league rosters are a bit trickier to get a handle on than Major League rosters, so that’s just my best guess.

If this is fact, its nice to see some more promotions. Also as you suggest, might be seeing some player movement via trade from the ML and AAA level.

Wow. Thanks for the info., Cubs Talk, any chance Olt would go to AA? Or is that crazy?

That is “Rubber Room” crazy.

This is just my opinion, I am sure you all have yours: Samardizja turned down a 75 to 80 Million dollar 5 year extension. Didnt this guy state he wanted to stay a Cub?

Maybe I am ole school, but over 15 million a year to play a kids game and be where you want to be? Isnt he already rich? How much do you need to get through life?

If its about pride, I would love to be the one to tell him, you have been traded.

Different world today…….these players today treat MLB baseball as a Business….not a Dream……….its called “Greed”………MLB players are becoming your 1% crowd……they believe they are better then you because they have all this money…….they live in big houses, have fancy cars, go on exotic vacations…………..one time ex-Cub Calvin Scharldi “hated” baseball, but was in it for only the money……………..a GM telling a player he is traded to the Padres, Indians or Royals would not hurt their pride……………having an agent telling his client that no team wants him anymore, will hurt their pride.

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