6/18 Cubs lineup

Jake Arrieta gets the start Wednesday in the Cubs’ series finale vs. the Marlins. Here’s the lineup:

Valbuena 3B
Coghlan LF
Rizzo 1B
Castro SS
Sweeney CF
Schierholtz RF
Baker C
Barney 2B
Arrieta P


Hey Carrie, what is the deal erasing my comment on Cubs Future OF?

You need to send me an email to CubsInbox@gmail.com, and I will explain.

CubsTalk, I recall you including Schwarber in a future Cubs` outfield the other day. I did not have time to take issue with yourself then, but I do now. Why do you not see him as catcher, a position he relishes? We have a plethora of outfielders and future potential outfielders etc. Is a dearth of catching in this organization. I thought that is why Schwarber was selected in the top ten, raising more than a few eyebrows. Where am I wrong?

I dont see where your wrong on this jhosk. What i did see, was most baseball experts predicting a move to the OF at the time of the Draft. Why? I have no idea except maybe, his skills behind the plate may not be up to par at this time in his career.

Did they take into consideration, that his skills will improve? That he will have coaching along the way? His love for the position? I would assume not!

It will be a wait & see game on how he develops.

Good-hitting catchers tend to not stay catchers for very long. It’s a very physical position and your body takes a beating each and every season. He might enjoy playing catcher and even be halfway decent at it, but chances are the Cubs will want to preserve his bat long term and eventually move him to a position where he stands less of a chance of sustaining an injury.
For example, Craig Biggio started his Major League career as a catcher. The Astros recognized that he was an offensive talent, so they moved him to second base after four seasons of primarily being a catcher and he went on to have an All-Star career (and probably a Hall of Fame career as of next year).
Currently, see Buster Posey and Joe Mauer. Posey was NL Rookie of the Year in 2010 and NL MVP in 2012. His 2011 season was mostly wiped out due to an injury suffered in a collision at home plate. His 2013 numbers dropped from 2012, and his 2014 numbers have dropped from 2013. The Giants give him the occasional start at first base, but to preserve his bat they’ll no doubt switch him over to first base full time, maybe as early as next season.
Same story with Joe Mauer, who has won several Gold Glove Awards as a catcher, as well as 3 batting titles and the AL MVP in 2009. However, in 2011 he was limited to 82 games due to injury and last year only played in 113. This year he has yet to catch and is either at first or a DH. His numbers aren’t where they usually are, so maybe the Twins waited a little too long to finally make that move from catcher.
And of course Victor Martinez barely catches anymore because the Tigers value his bat way more than his catching ability. That and the fact that he missed the entire 2012 season due to injury and I doubt they want to take the risk of that happening again.
Schwarber might enjoy playing catcher. He might even make his MLB debut as a catcher in a year or two. However, if his first five games in the minors are any indication of his offensive potential, he probably won’t be a catcher for long. The fact that he’s already played two games in LF shows that the Cubs are planting the seeds for the eventuality that all good hitting catchers don’t stay catchers for their entire careers. So I can’t believe I’m saying this, but in this case, I actually agree with Cubs Talk’s assessment of the situation.

Can he improve? Yes! Will he? Who knows? In 5 games his bat looks electric, but he has made two errors.
This is one of those wait & see type scenerios.

That makes sense. I`d be shocked if you ever agreed with anything I said. Molina of the Cards has not been moved to the outfield, and he is an excellent hitter and defensive catcher. Who`s to say Schwarber can`t develop into a fine defensive catcher? Is far too early in his career to form conclusions.

Because Molina is the exception to the rule. Find another good offensive catcher who has played catcher in the Majors for at least five years and not missed significant time due to injury or seen his offensive skills decline as his career goes on. You’ll no doubt find that the majority of good offensive catchers either switch positions at some point, or start missing a lot of time due to injury and/or see their offensive numbers take a dip. Heck, since my post I also thought of Matt Wieters, who is now out for the season due to injury. How much do you want to bet he’ll be taking grounders at first next spring or at least become a part-time DH?
Yes, it’s still very early in Schwarber’s career and a lot can happen. But I’d be careful to base any career decisions on the career path of Yadier Molina. I mean, if you do that then every pitcher who throws in the upper 90s should throw as much as they want because that’s what Nolan Ryan did. Or every pitcher who throws in the mid-80s and has decent command should be given the chance to become the next Greg Maddux. And every QB taken in the 6th round of the NFL Draft should become a starter because maybe they’ll be the next Tom Brady. The Cubs should evaluate him on what they know of him and what they know of the development of the position in general, not based on what the best catcher in the game today did.

Molina also wasn’t an above average offensive player in the beginning of his career. He stayed on the team because of his defensive abilities and after a few years in the bigs he developed into the hitter we know today. But Yadi is different in the fact tab he is one of the best defensive catchers we’ve ever seen in baseball. Schwarber won’t be anywhere close to that and LF is his most likely destination in the future. And who knows, by the time he’s actually in the majors the Cubs might have a more productive catcher. Everyone clamoring that they need a catcher now but Schwarber is still a few years away. Goes along with that whole don’t draft on what the ML team needs, get the BPA regardless of position, Cubs believe they did that, even though he probably won’t be a catcher

I agree with you, Jasper. One of those publications which projected Schwarber as an outfielder was USA TODAY. But their credibility is questionable. Since that newspaper offered it s best talent golden parachutes last year, there has been a marked diminution in the quality and accuracy of its pronouncements. And there was a 100% increase in the newstand price of the diminished product. Hard to believe.

Well done Duog!

Sorry Doug,but well stated!

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