6/22 Minor matters – Sunday’s games

Kris Bryant hit two home runs and drove in three runs and Chris Valaika hit his seventh home run to lift Iowa to a 7-6 win over Albuquerque. Bryant, promoted Thursday to Triple-A, is now 3-for-16 with eight strikeouts at Iowa. Armando Rivero picked up the win in relief of starter Eric Jokisch, who gave up five runs over six innings. Valaika was 3-for-4, and is batting .303.

Christian Villanueva and Dustin Geiger each hit two-run homers to lead Tennessee to a 4-0 win over Chattanooga. Eduardo Figueroa gave up three hits over five scoreless innings.

Daytona scored four runs in the eighth to post a 4-2 win over Tampa. The D-Cubs were limited to one hit until the eighth when Zeke DeVocc, Wes Darvill and Bijan Rademacher loaded the bases. Wilson Contreras then singled, and all the base runners scored along with Contreras, taking advantage of a throwing error by first baseman Matt Snyder.

In his first start with Kane County, Pierce Johnson took the loss in a 5-0 game against Cedar Rapids. Johnson gave up one run on three hits over four innings in the first game of a doubleheader. In the secod game, Jacob Rogers had two hits, including a home run, to help Kane County win, 3-2. Jacob Hannemann delivered the game-winning runs with a walk-off RBI single.

Boise totaled four hits in a 6-2 loss to Spokane.

Gleyber Torres went 3-for-6 with a triple and a two-run homer, and finished with four RBIs in Mesa’s 11-inning, 15-11 win over Arizona. Torres also stole two bases. Shamil Ubiera hit a three-run homer and Charcer Burks had four RBIs.


All or nothing for Bryant………just like Olt.

What is wrong with you? You want Bryant to go 5 for 5 every night with three HR’s? Not going to happen, for anyone, EVER!!

Oh Jasper, give Bryant a few weeks to adjust…..then we will see him going 4-5 with 3 RBI’s every game…………….it does seem more likely that we will not see Baez in 2014 at Wrigley………..Alcantara, Hendricks, Vizcaino will be here after the trading period is done.

Easy on the judgment, on these young guys. Seems to me Rizzo hit in the 140’s his first trip up with S.D., and it looks like he turned out fine. Lets not write someone off, on a small sample. I believe Bryant will hit for avg., and power. And I would not write off Olt yet either. It may not be in Chicago, but he could still have a good career.

Darn it, Cubs Talk, Bryant hit another home run. Maybe you could go straigthen him out, tell him to throw in a single or two. He did walk, though.

so anybody wanting Bryant up on the Cubs after AA want to step back and evaluate their statements? There is a reason you take your time with these guys and don’t throw them to the wolves too soon. Let the kid make some adjustments

Cubs Roster……Aug 1st, 2015………A Look Ahead !

C – Castillo / Lopez
1B – Rizzo
2B – Alcantara / Watkins
SS – Castro
3B – Bryant / Olt
LF – Baez
CF – Lake / Sweeney / Bonifacio
RF – Soler
SP – Wood
SP – Arietta
SP – Hendricks
SP – Pitching Prospect from Shark Trade
RP – Rondon
RP – Strop
RP – Vizcaino
RP – Rivero
RP – Ramirez
RP – Grimm
RP – Rosscup
RP – Wright

Cubs will have numbers in the bullpen from the right side, so expect someone like Strop to get traded…..Russell could be the odd man out on the left side……..I think the Cubs will hang on Bonifacio………if Olt and Bryant are both putting up numbers, maybe Bryant will be in RF until Soler arrives.

Baez will not be playing left. Would either be Alcantara shifting to CF or Bryant to LF. You take a lot of value away from him by moving him from basically the second most important defensive position to the least important. He’ll stay in the infield somewhere, 2B or 3B

too big for 2B…..3B is okay….but we need to shift Bryant to the OF…….if doing so, we now have Alomra, Soler and Schwarber and maybe others (Jimenez & Hannermann)……..which leads to one of these guys getting traded……nice problems to think about.

You realize he’s just about the same size as both Castro and Barney and neither are deemed too big for their position. What makes you say Javy is?

Why are you so concerned with how the mid-2015 Cubs lineup will look like when you yourself think that the Cubs won’t be competitive next year, or until 2018, or 2020 (you’ve said all of that, so I guess it depends on what mood you happen to be in when you post)? I would think that someone who is so certain that the Cubs won’t be competitive for several years would rather project the 2019 Cubs lineup than talk about a team next year that you think will be one of the worst the game has ever seen.

at least three years away from playoffs….2017 the earliest…….and one more manager……….Renteria is not the one who will take us to the Promise Land.

P.S. There’s no way Soler is starting in RF by August 2015 unless his development suddenly spurts at a super-human pace. He has yet to play a full season. You lost credibility with your projection by including him

Carrie – aren’t there contractual issues with Soler? He signed a major league contract, so after next season he would need to pass through waivers? So starting in 2016 he has to be in Chicago? Not se…

I believe Soler will be with this team by August in 2015……didn’t he have some experience in Cuba before coming here?…..I know many local baseball experts and writers believed Baez would be here by now…..did they lose their creditability with their prediction?……the Cubs have one of the worst Outfields in all of baseball……having Soler up in August 2015 will not hurt them….. I think Soler will be ready late next year.

You believe based on what exactly? And people were saying Baez would be up by June at the earliest, not up no later than June. Besides, no expert would make such a definite prediction like that without leaving themselves an out. Notice above how Carrie said Soler wouldn’t be starting by next August unless he has some kind of rapid development between now and then. That’s one reason why they are pros and you are just some guy making wild and unsubstantiated predictions on someone else’s blog.

Now Doug, some of my predictions have come true…….and anyone is welcome to make any predictions…….so far Doug, I have never saw any prediction from you……..just lots of nagging on me………………as for Baez, many local baseball writers ALL said Baez would be here by now………I myself thought he would be here by now, but Baez needs another full year in the minors to work on various skills………….Soler has a power build to him……the guy just needs to stay healthy……and I think Soler can be at AAA by next year……we really don’t have anyone in the OF right now, except Lake, for 2015……….Rasmus to sign, but would be giving up a draft pick…….I think the Cubs will excel Soler in 2015…………or would you rather have Manny Ramirez play for us in 2015 ?

I don’t come here to make predictions. Nor do I base my baseball knowledge, or anyone’s baseball knowledge, on their prediction accuracy rate. As for their outfield in 2015, it depends on what happens the rest of this year and this offseason. Lake should be in the mix and Sweeney is under contract for 2015. Ruggiano is still arbitration eligible. Bryant or Alcantara could move to the OF for their MLB debuts. The Cubs could gets someone in a trade at the deadline or in the offseason, they could sign a free agent or pick up a non-tendered player. They could get another Emilio Bonifacio late in the offseason and turn him into a starter, or bring him back if he still can play. There’s a lot they can do and right now it’s too early to say what their opening day lineup will look like, much less their August 2015 lineup. See, not a single prediction in there. I discuss, not predict, and it’s through that discussion that I base anyone’s baseball knowledge on.

Soler starts at AAA in 2015………comes up after trading period next Aug 2015…….why is that so hard to comprehend by two people here?

Because he’s hardly played at all this season after missing a good chunk of time last season. And by the way he only has 24 at bats above A ball so he desperately needs at bats against higher level pitchers, no need to rush him

Probably also because the person saying he won’t be in the Majors by next August is also the only person on here who can get a interview set up with Theo Epstein right now if she wanted to. This isn’t one of your other Cubs blogs that you love to make reference to. This is the mlb.com Cubs blog run by an actual reporter who has the media credentials to access the Cubs on a daily basis. She can give us more info that what we can all read in the box scores, so I’d listen more closely to her if I were you. She’s not just making this stuff up as she goes. That’s why I come here for my Cubs information. If I wanted to read what some blow hard has to say about the Cubs with nothing but pure speculation to back himself up, I would start my own Cubs blog!

Jorge Soler has yet to total 400 at-bats in the Minor Leagues over three seasons because of injuries. Here are his numbers:

2012: 34 games, .299 (40-for-134), 5 HR, 7 2B, 25 RBI
2013: 55 games, .281 (59-for-210), 8 HR, 13 2B, 35 RBI
2014: 9 games (7 at Tenn, 2 at Rookie League), .375 (12-for-32), 0 HR, 9 2B, 9 RBI

And Javy Baez is a better shortstop than Starlin Castro. If anyone moves, it could be him.

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