6/24 Play ball part II


Here’s another photo of Mike Olt interacting with kids from the RIC during a softball fantasy camp.

Photos courtesy of Chicago Cubs


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I would take Olt on my softball team! Maybe he wouldn’t strike out as much with the bigger ball and the pitcher throwing underhanded!

I am thinking this picture is more about the caring and kindness of Olt more than his batting average. Our Cub players take the time to impact those who need their attention! They get a “LIKE” from me.

Good afternoon, White. You asked me to keep you posted regarding the Hoos in the CWS. It has come down to a “winner take all” game tonight betwixt Vanderbilt and Virginia. Each has garnered one game in the three game format. The weather conditions in Omaha tonight are predicted to be dicey. Could be thunderstorms. As for Olt, I`m a fan, but he surely is struggling. Am amazed the manager continues to write his name on the lineup card, given Mike`s piddling batting average. Always a pleasure, White.

Good afternoon jhosk — Yes, I am very pleased to hear that your Virginia team is going strong! I hope the weather will cooperate so that they can see VICTORY! :)). I don’t imagine that Olt’s confidence is very high right now which can’t help but impact his hitting problems. I do hope a solution is on the horizon! Do you have any ideas?

I suggested approximately a month ago Olt be sent to the minors to work on his issues. Someone commented there are no openings for him at AAA. That was prior to Bryant being sent there to play the hot corner. Perhaps Mike will need to find a way with another organization, something others have suggested long before me.

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