6/28 Cubs lineup – first game

Dallas Beeler makes his Major League debut Saturday in the first game of the Cubs’ day-night doubleheader against the Nationals. The teams are playing two games Saturday and will have Sunday off. The schedule was announced in February to avoid congestion in the area because of Sunday’s Pride Parade. Here’s the lineup for the first game:

Lake CF
Ruggiano RF
Rizzo 1B
Castro SS
Olt 3B
Coghlan LF
Barney 2B
Baker C
Beeler P


Very glad to see Junior Lake back in the line-up today! Maybe they can wrap him in some extra padding! :)). Will be interesting to see Beeler today. Wonderful – two games to look forward to in one day! But what to do tomorrow? Withdrawal symptoms will be in play!

Sunday Night Baseball…….Red Sox & Yankees………those are good 5 hour games.

Well they are five hours anyway…. Maybe it will rain on that game and they will go to the Cubs game.

Oops, I was thinking of FOX for tonight’s game.

I am hoping to get tonight’s game on the computer at MLB.com! Hate getting blocked by FOX! :((

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