6/28 Cubs vs Red Sox

After a rare off day on Sunday, the Cubs return to action Monday against the Red Sox in Boston to play a three-game Interleague series. Here are the pitching matchups:

Monday: RHP Jake Arrieta (4-1, 2.05) vs. RHP Jake Peavy (1-6, 4.93)
Tuesday: RHP Edwin Jackson (5-8, 5.22) vs. RHP Clay Buchholz (3-4, 6.75)
Wednesday: LHP Travis Wood (7-6, 4.52) vs. RHP Brandon Workman (1-1, 3.27)

This will be the Cubs’ first visit to Fenway Park since May 20-22, 2011, which was their first trip to the Red Sox’s home park since the 1918 World Series. Boston won that series in six games, led by Babe Ruth, who was the winning pitcher in two of the games.


I have a vivid memory of the Cubs` last visit to Fenway in 2011. Marlon Byrd was a member of our club at the time and he was beaned by a Boston hurler named Aceves. I shall never forget that incident as I do not believe it was accidental. If you all recall, Marlon missed significant time as a result due to facial fractures etc. Aceves has long since been jettisoned by the Bosox, but he keeps turning up on major league rosters, much like a bad penny. Each time I see him on a mound, my mind returns to that Byrd incident. Is there a cure for this? Forgive me, as I do not admire that man.

To say it`s rare for a major league club to be idle on a Sunday is understatement, is it not? I can`t recall the Cubs ever not playing on a Sunday. Has it happened in my lifetime?

jhosk, The announcers said this is the first Sunday off in 82 years! Amazing!

That is remarkable, White. It has not happened in either of our lifetimes. Thanks. One more thing in regard to my first comment: Byrd was beaned in Boston, and Aceves should have been banned in Boston.

Some thoughts…..

– Time for the Cubs to stop playing doubleheaders……they are always getting swept….
– Dallas Beeler, you will return to Wrigley……
– I think Jake Arietta is the best starting pitcher on this staff….
– Is it me or are there more teams after Hammel then after Shark ……
– Theo wants the #3 prospect in exchange for Hammel……
– Olt striked out 33 times in his last 55 at bats…….
– Carlos Villanueva trade rumors …..are there any?
– Anyone seen Alcantara numbers?…he is in double figures in HR’s, triples and doubles!….Aug 1st call no doubt.
– okay, Bryant got himself some doubles and singles…..looking good so far in AAA….
– Beeler, Wada, Hendricks, Arietta & Wood rotation might be interesting in August…
– Third baseman C. Villanueva is hitting again after getting demoted……
– Pierce Johnson pitched a nice game the other day for Kane Co……
– Almora batting average is on the rise…….he reminds me of a Cesar Gerinomo…
– Amando Rivero is also looking good at Iowa……
– okay, I heard that the Blue Jays are looking at Carlos Villanueva in a trade.

Cubs Talk – you left off Schwarber; he’s playing great, too. I wonder at the end of 2015 if Samardjiza will regret not signing the contract that was offered.

Only time will tell……Garza was looking for a $85-100 million dollar contract…and got only a $50 million with Milwaukee…….only way Shark gets that Cain type of contract ($128 million) after 2015 is he pitches well in the playoffs this year and next season…….as time moves on, the price goes up for some, and others it goes down……………but to turn down $85 million from your favorite team…..it only means you are in this game to get every dollar you can.

Aloha CubsTalk, Jhosk and Cubs Win- This is strange not to have baseball at Wrigley today. I think Beeler did a nice job and hope that he continues this success. For our Cubbies, it is interesting to hear the “rumors” flyin around before the end of July. In the past I have spoken about a pitcher name Kyle Crick in the Giants organization. I wonder if the Giants would give him up for Hammel along with a position player because they are in need of that too? The Dodgers are on their tails and a Hammel I think would do well at AT&T park. Hope you all are having a blessed Sunday. Mahalo!

K.G. I doubt the Giants will give up their best prospect for Hammel. I don’t think they’ll do it for Shark. I love watching the Giants slowly circle the drain. Although I like the Dodgers even less.

Aloha Cubs Win- I know but at this point, the Giants are hurting with all the injuries, maybe with a Hammel and some position players that could help out you never know what you might get in return! Take care now, Mahalo!

The last time the Cubs had a Sunday off day in the regular season was June 19, 1932. On Saturday, June 18 that year, the Cubs split a doubleheader against the New York Giants. After the games, the Cubs took Sunday off, then resumed play Monday, June 20, in Philadelphia. Local blue laws in the early 1930s prohibited professional baseball games on Sundays in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Boston. The city of Philadelphia would not host its first legal Major League baseball game on a Sunday until April 8, 1934.

For the past 106 years, the Cubs players took many days off while playing with other teams.

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