6/28 Nationals 3, Cubs 0 – First game

* Dallas Beeler took the loss in his Major League debut, but made an great first impression. The right-hander gave up four hits over six innings and was charged with one unearned run, which scored on a wild pitch. He struck out six and walked three. He’s the fifth Cubs starting pitcher to go at least six innings and not allow an earned run in his Major League debut. Others to do so include Jeff Pico (May 31, 1988), Bob Scanlan (May 7, 1991), Amaury Telemaco (May 16, 1996) and Ryan O’Malley (Aug. 16, 2006).

“He just pitched against one of the leading clubs in the East with quite a few good ballplayers on the other side and I think he managed himself well through this outing,” manager Rick Renteria said. “He looked very composed. He didn’t look like he was flustered at all. Just a sense of calm out there. He looked like he belonged.”

* The Cubs have been shut out 10 times this season.

— Carrie Muskat


“It’s just muskat love…” Do you recognize the song reference?
I love the Cubs & especially Wrigley Field. I do not live close enough to attend games, but wish I did! I say the Cubs should trade any veteran of value for good (skills, mental approach & emotional makeup) young players. Pitchers form the support for the entire structure. Thanks for listening.

Can we keep Beeler? :)). His pitching is wonderful but what impressed me more was his composure. Am sorry he had to take a loss but see a fine future for him!

More negative questions;
Why have a low-contact batter (Lake) leading off when he does not work towards long counts?
Why have no-contact Olt moving to higher position in batting order (or better yet, why is he in Chicago), unless he wants to lead league in strikeouts?
Is Renteria really in charge of the everyday game lineup and if so, his time must be limited in the majors.
Is the minor league system so poor that nothing better is available?

1. They’ve had tough time filling leadoff spot since Bonifacio was injured. Renteria keeps looking for someone to fill the spot. 2. They’re trying to find good matchups for Olt. 3. Yes re: llineup (he hasn’t asked me to help yet). 4. If you’re asking about replacement at 3B in Minors, the future is Bryant, and they’ve said he’s not coming up this year

It’s not like Renteria is managing the 1927 Yankees here people! He can only work with the players on the roster he has so please do tell what lineup is he not using that would make the Cubs the favorites to win the World Series this year?
Also, to the people going gaga over Beeler, please curb your enthusiasm. If you need help with that, just read the list of the past few Cubs pitchers who did what Beeler did on Saturday. Not exactly a list of Cubs all-time greats, is it?

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