6/30 Cubs lineup

Ryan Sweeney will be the designated hitter tonight when the Cubs open their three-game Interleague series against the Red Sox at Fenway Park. Here’s the lineup:

Coghlan LF
Sweeney DH
Rizzo 1B
Castro SS
Valbuena 3B
Castillo C
Schierholtz RF
Lake CF
Barney 2B

Arrieta P

* Cubs designated hitters have batted .279 (144-for-517) with 24 home runs and 90 RBI in 130 games at AL ballparks. The 24 homers have been hit by 14 players, including a franchise-record six by Alfonso Soriano.


One time Cubs could had Jake Peavy from the Padres……Marshall, Marmol and Vitters were on the table……not sure who backed off on that trade….might have been Hendry

Jake Arietta looks smooth tonight……good pitch location……nice rhythm……….I wonder how many top notch pitching prospects we can get for him?……..hey, when you are losing 90 plus games for the 4th year in a row, everyone should be on the trade table.

Personal opinion and just mine: I would love to see the sign Hammel and keep Arietta. Trade Samardizja now, one more bad outing his value drops. It would be nice going into 2015 with Hammel, Arietta and Wood in the top 3 spots.

Why would we trade him? Why not keep him and build with pieces that just cost money…. Not major league talent. We can’t keep trading everyone

Just this fans preference petrey10, cant say why or it would get deleted.

Trading him gets us nowhere closer to winning. Next phase of rebuild is to actually keep talent on this team. It just doesn’t make sense to me

Junior Lake just shattered his bat over his knee when he struck out. Win or lose – let’s show some good sportsmanship on the field. He has done this more than once and it should not be done!

Write him a letter or tweet him.

Aloha Folks, neat that Arrieta took a second game deep in the late innings with a no-no! Fun listening to it on WGN radio. Great game and win for our Cubbies. Mahalo!

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