7/1 Lake effect

Junior Lake snapped a bat over his knee after striking out in the fourth inning, the second of four times he would whiff in the Cubs’ game Monday against the Red Sox. Lake is now 0-for-13 in his last four games, but manager Rick Renteria isn’t worried.

“We just have to make sure Junior gets the ball up in the zone a little bit,” Renteria said. “[On Monday], he had four strikeouts and three of the four were balls down in the zone. It’s just a matter of us making sure we stay positive with him and share with him what we’re seeing and try to get feedback from him on what he sees.”

There has been no talk about Lake going to Triple-A Iowa to get regular at-bats, Renteria said.

“We’ll continue to give him opportunities to play,” Renteria said. “We’ll just continue to do what we’ve been doing the whole season and picking and choosing and working and trying to make adjustments.”

Lake has had some peaks and valleys. He batted .273 in 26 games in May, and hit .190 in 23 games in June.

“Obviously, for him it’s not been the track that he’s wanted,” Renteria said of Lake. “He’s shown signs of being able to do things and he’s had signs where he’s had a little valley. Right now he’s probably in taht little valley and we have to help him get back out of it.”

— Carrie Muskat


I do hope that Lake can get his game back BUT I am really really angry that they chose to put him in with a 1-1 tie and 2 men on base waiting to score! Schierholtz had a much better chance of getting a hit in my opinion. Work with him. – great. – but not in this situation!

“They” means ……Renteria.

as I said before…….Renteria is not the manager who will lead this team to the Promise Land,

I think Renteria is doing a good job but just didn’t care for the decision to put Lake in the game at that point. One decision does not make or break a manager’s value.

Renteria was asked about Lake after the game. His answer: “That’s the anxiousness of a 24-year-old pinch-hitting off the bench. People have to understand [that role] is usually reserved for guys who, when we were playing, were 31, 32 years old. It’s not that it can’t be done but he’s trying to adjust his game. I give him credit — he doesn’t get down, he stays positive and keeps working.”

I agree White. As Carrie indicates by posting Renteria’s answer….was Renteria UNAWARE of Lake’s possible anxiousness? For the most part Renteria is doing a fine job as is evidenced by the turn around of Castro and Rizzo alone. This particular decision just falls in the “Head Scratcher” file folder that ANY manager is very capable of filling up. Not really an unacceptable call by Renteria and I would think in hind sight he too realizes the more seasoned, more disciplined hitting Schierholtz would have been the wiser choice to leave in that RBI situation DESPITE him being left handed. Was not a fly ball all that was needed to produce a run? Also, did not Lake just suffer through a 4 consecutive strike out game and a collision with a steel door? Tough spot for Lake to be put in and all we hear is that Renteria wants to put guys in spots that they have a better chance of succeeding (see Mike Olt, the forgotten Cub). Anyway, not the best decision by a manager but no reason to get the torches and pitchforks out. Also….HOW YOU DOIN’ WHITE?!?!?! LONG TIME….I HOPE YOU ARE WELL.

joey!! I LOVE good surprises and seeing your post this morning is one of them! I have been thinking about you and hoping you are well and oerhaps able to start sharing your ideas and thoughts about our Cubs again. I know we are not supposed to talk about anything but STATS but thank you for asking how I am doing. Being in my 79th year and losing the MS battle rapidly I am all the more determined to watch and enjoy every single game! As I have said before – win or lose each game is the highlight of the day! Last night’s game was quite the nail- biter which I guess is why I was so stunned to see Lake at the plate with a 1-1 tie. Well I did have my Shirley Purrl on my lap to squeeze and help me through the trauma! :)). AND WE WON! WOW! Dare we go for another win tonight? Be well joey and be in touch.

Thank you for that White. I betcha’ Carrie more than welcomes a little bantering in addition to relentless Cubs commenting and stats, as you can tell from some of her comments she has quite the sense of humor. I have been just kicking back, enjoying the ensuing hilarity of many comments on this blog. I’ll chime in every once in a while but for the most part will refrain from supplying fodder for the fiends (wink, wink).
The Cubs certainly are starting to show signs of what was promised us. My, can you imagine next year’s team should they KEEP The Shark AND Hammel…AND bring up Bryant, Baez and Alcantara???? What a nice thought to get us through the second half no? Although I am expecting both to be traded and will not argue against such as Theo does a wonderful job acquiring value in return…..but….still a nice thought right?
Take this with you White: I am praying the only thing rapidly approaching you is a Cubs World Series. May God’s grace be with you. (Here’s hoping I mentioned enough baseball in this comment between the bantering!! Ha!)

Back to baseball, its hard to understand a young talent like Lake. He can go on a streak & carry a team for few games, then nothing for a very long time.
His OBP is Barney like, meaning he is not really helping the team in the long run. Why do they not send Lake & Olt back to AAA, to get them some At Bats? Maybe the AAA roster is filled with talent and there is more room for them on the Cubs than there is at IA.
If thats the case, they may get more At Bats at the ML level than at AAA?
For the Management doubters, think about that. The Minors is so stocked with talent, there is no room to send someone down to get a few extra At Bats.

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