7/6 Cubs vs. Reds

Jake Arrieta starts for the Cubs in the series finale vs. the Nationals Sunday in Washington D.C., while Jeff Samardzija makes his first start for the Athletics in Oakland. Here are the pitching matchups for the upcoming series vs. the Reds in Cincinnati that begins Monday.

Monday: RHP Edwin Jackson (5-8, 4.99) vs. RHP Mike Leake (6-7, 3.47)
Tuesday (first game): LHP Travis Wood (7-6, 4.62) vs. TBD or Johnny Cueto (8-6, 1.99)
Tuesday (second game): LHP Tsuyoshi Wada (0-0, 0.00) vs. TBD or Johnny Cueto (8-6, 1.99)
Wednesday: TBD vs. RHP Alfredo Simon (11-3, 2.78)
Thursday: TBD vs. RHP Homer Bailey (8-5, 4.15)


Hopefully some combination of Hendricks, Beeler, and Wada can come up and surprise some people.

Hendricks is scheduled to pitch today for Iowa. If he makes his start, his turn wouldn’t come up again until Friday. If they scratch his start or limit him to just a few innings, then he could be on his way to the Majors this week. So look to Iowa to see if the Cubs plan on calling him up before the all-star break.

Hendricks went only two innings and was yanked. So they probably means he’s heading to Cincinnatti.

Infeed. Unless there was an injury we don’t know about, it looks like it was a tune up for making a start later in the week. Looking forward to seeing him on the Cubs!

As for Beeler, his turn comes up Tuesday. The Cubs could call him up to pitch on Wednesday in Cincinnati on an extra day’s rest, and as I said above, work it out so Hendricks pitches Thursday. Then Arrieta, Jackson, and Wood against the Braves, then sort out your rotation during the all-star break, which would include figuring out who amongst Hendricks, Beeler, Wada, Rusin, and Straily is in to start the second half.

I know I dont have a say, but I would go with the 33 y/o Wada and Rusin as replacements the rest of the year.
In my mind its time to sink or swim for Rusin, he been back and forth a few times. Wada is 33 y/o, having some success at AAA, he has the rest of the year to prove he is worth keeping around or increase his value. If not, he was given the chance.
Beeler & Hendricks just keep getting that experience, prove they are ready next ST.
Straily is said to have had command issues, leave him to work it out and see him next Spring.

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