7/6 Kyle Hendricks

Kyle Hendricks was pulled from his start for the Iowa Cubs Sunday night after two innings, and there were reports that the young right-hander received lots of hugs from teammates. It could be that Hendricks will be promoted to the big league team this week, and join the Cubs in Cincinnati. No official word from the Cubs yet. He gave up one run on three hits over two innings, and struck out four.

— Carrie Muskat


This move has been long overdue.

Aloha jhosk- will be neat if we see him soon, up in the bigs that is. Mahalo!

I`ve heard it said there are position players at Iowa who actually know what it means to provide offense in a professional baseball game, something foreign to the major league roster in many contests, like today`s and yesterday`s. Is that true or is it just a rumor?

The AAA lineup could give the cubs a run for their money. Alcantara Baez and Bryant are all future contributors to the major league team. You should definitely look more into them Bc they are going to be fun to watch

It’s rumored that Hendricks will start against the Reds…. But again not a done deal

My money is on Beeler getting called up and starting Wednesday and Hendricks going on Thursday. Beeler’s next start at Iowa is scheduled for tomorrow, so we’ll see if he gets scratched from that one. Also, I would think that Dan Straily would be activated by AAA Iowa to start tonight’s game. It was Chris Rusin’s spot in the rotation, but since he got called up in pitched in long relief on Sunday, it’s currently listed as TBA on the Iowa Cubs website. I don’t see anyone on the current Iowa roster able to make a spot start for tonight, so if Straily is with the team now I would look for him to make his organizational debut tonight. But to know for sure, we’ll have to wait and see how it all unfolds.

I stated in another post, that I would leave Beeler and Hendrick at AAA the rest of the season. Then use Rusin & Wada in replacement of Hammel & Samardizja.
Re-thinking that, it might be great experience for Hendrick and Beeler. Especially if they are thinking of using them in the rotation next year.
Who knows what they are thinking?

The way I see it, Hendricks is a legit prospect. Maybe not a potential ace, but definitely someone who could remain in the Cubs rotation for years to come. He’s pitched parts of two seasons at AAA, totaling over 140 innings and has had success for that whole time. I didn’t want the Cubs to force Hendricks into the rotation, but now that the opportunity has presented itself, I think it makes perfect sense to give Hendricks a start in the Majors and go from there.
As for Beeler, he’s not a top prospect, but he is relatively young and on the 40-man, so he’s in the mix as well. Beeler reminds me of Randy Wells, not a top prospect, not super impressive stuff, but someone who worked his way up the minors and had good enough stuff to have a pretty good rookie year in 2009. He never repeated that rookie season, but he was good enough to stick around the Majors for another few seasons. Beeler hasn’t pitched at AAA as long as Hendricks has, but he did look impressive against a good Nationals team in his spot start last month, so I’d have to say he’s put himself on the radar.
The good thing about the timing of this trade is it happened right before the All-Star Break and during a week that the Cubs have a double header. Therefore, they’ll get a chance to look at Wada, Hendricks, Rusin, and maybe even Beeler, then take the All-Star Break to sort out their rotation and figure out who they want up and who they want to keep at AAA for now. Also Dan Straily should make his debut at AAA sometime this week (hopefully tonight, which would allow him two starts before the All-Star Break). Then the Cubs will have a nice couple day break to review the early returns on all of these guys and devise a plan for them all for the rest of the season. That’s how I would do it if I were running the show, but as you say, who knows what they are thinking?

Agree with your observations on Hendrick and Beeler.
I think the difference between Beeler and Wells is, Beeler is a very smart Pitcher. At least from my observations.
I seen him pitch twice in the AFL, not great the first time, but he made up for it in smarts. The first time, he walked the leadoff hitter, then while working on hitter #2, he picked the guy off first. Hitter two singled. While working on hitter three, he picked off hitter two off 1st base. After that he settled down, not pitching great, but very effective.
The second start I seen, the umpire had a very wide strike zone. Beeler adjusted to the Umpires zone and struck out 5 hitters in his 3 IP.
As you say, he may not be long for the ML, but he has a way of adjusting, he has a way off keeping his wits about him out there.

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