7/6 Parker joins Cubs

The Cubs recalled right-handed pitcher Blake Parker from Triple-A Iowa. Parker, who wears uniform No. 50, was available for Sunday’s game vs. the Nationals. Parker, 29, has no record and 18 saves in 19 chances with a 1.44 ERA (4 ER/25 IP) in 25 games for Iowa this season. He has limited the opponent to a .226 batting average (21-for-93), walked nine and struck out 34, good for an average of 12.2 strikeouts per 9.0 innings. His 18 saves lead the Pacific Coast League. Parker has surrendered just one extra-base hit, a double, in his last 10 games since June 6.

Parker begins his third stint with the Cubs this season, having been up with the Major League club April 13-24 and May 27-29. He has appeared in three games for Chicago, allowing three runs in 2.2 innings.


does he stay or will he return to AAA for the All Star game?……I guess Parker would want to stay.

My guess is Parker will stay through the double header on Tuesday, then see what moves are made to fill the starters spots on Wednesday and Thursday.

A Soriano just got let go by the Yankees.

since the Cubs are still paying $13 million this year, would they pick him up off of waivers?

What purpose would that serve?

The outfield is averaging under .220 batting average. It won’t happen, but we are paying him 3/4th his contract. Can he really hurt our outfield? Ruggiano is hitting .270, but how long will it last?

Stop thinking of how to improve the team this year. They are clearly already thinking of next year and beyond, which is exactly what they should be doing. Besides, Soriano is hitting .221, so he is not exactly an improvement over what the Cubs already have. And his presence would take a roster spot that could wind up going to a younger player with a chance to make the team in 2015 such as Alcantara or Baez or Logan Watkins or Matt Szczur.

They will not bring those guys up until the rosters expand. They need to at bats in the minors.

Even if they do wait until September to call them all up, having someone like Soriano on the team would take away potential at bats and playing time from them. And your premise of the Cubs are already paying him so why not is faulty because they obviously don’t have a problem with paying him to not be here, or else they wouldn’t have traded him in the first place. I actually agree with CubsTalk for a change, we need to look forward and bringing back Soriano is not looking forward.

I dont see this as a bad idea. Should a Sweeny, Ruggiano or Schierholtz become part of a trade, what would be wrong with letting Soriano finish his career as a Cub?
Only if one of those three get traded, Soriano could take their roster spot, I dont see the problem. I think most fans realize that Soriano is not going to turn the team around this year, Its not like its going to cost the Team any money.
Why not let him come back and say his good byes?

It’s not a bad idea… it’s a terrible idea that makes absolutely no sense and serves absolutely no purpose. For starters, if you put a waiver claim on Soriano, you are putting a claim on the salary the Yankees owe him. I guarantee you no one is going to claim him on waivers, so if the Cubs are dumb enough to do that (they aren’t, so I’m not really worried, but I’ll still try to explain the thought process for you who don’t get it yet) then they’d add about $2.5 million to their payroll for the rest of the season for no real reason other than to have a novelty act on the team. Soriano should clear through waivers and will no doubt to look to join on to a team that is in the playoff race because at the end of his career, he’d probably much rather participate on a team that has a shot at winning this season rather than be a novelty act for a team in last place that has already thrown in the towel for the season.
As for the roster makeup, even if the Cubs get rid of all of their OFs other than Lake, they still wouldn’t want to have Soriano on the team. If they do purge everyone other than Lake, then expect AAA fill ins like Ryan Kalish, Josh Vitters, and Brett Jackson to keep the roster spots warm until the offseason and possibly Matt Szczur and Arismendy Alcantara to be in the mix as well. However, I highly doubt they will purge the entire OF. Sweeney is still under contract next season and Ruggiano and Coghlan are still arbitration eligible and all could have a shot at a bench spot on next year’s team, so you probably wouldn’t get rid of all three of them this season. Or, you could just pick up someone else from the bargain bin. Either way, spending $2.5 million to have someone just fill in the roster spot until the season is over makes zero sense, which is why the Cubs would never ever consider claiming Soriano on waivers.

Would the Cubs still be responsible for his salary if he cleared waivers?

If so, your right, it would be a terrible idea.

Yes, the Cubs still have to pay their portion of what they owe him no matter where or if he plays. What you claim on waivers is the portion of the contract that the Yankees owe him. If no one claims him on waivers, then he becomes a free agent and can sign with any team for any amount (most likely the major league minimum). It’s like how the White Sox got stuck with Alex Rios a few years ago. The Blue Jays put him (or should I say his ridiculous contract) on waivers to see if anyone would be foolish enough to claim him. The White Sox did (thinking they would block him from going to the Tigers) and the Blue Jays saw this as a way to get out from under his contract, so they decided not to pull him back from waivers, giving the White Sox his full contract and instantly clearing his entire bloated contract off their books. The same would happen if you were to claim Soriano off of waivers. You would claim the entire amount of the contract that the Yankees still owe him and the Yankees would be off the hook. In fact, that’s exactly why no competitive team would bother claiming Soriano. I mean, who would want to free up an extra $2.5 million for the Yankees to play with at the trading deadline? Once he clears waivers, the Yankees are locked in to paying him what they still owe him for the rest of the season and the Cubs are locked in to paying him what they owe him for the rest of the season because they’ve already agreed to pay him that portion when they agreed to trade him to the Yankees last season. Soriano can then sign with anyone he wants for any amount, most likely the prorated major league minimum because he’s already getting paid by the Cubs and Yankees and teams probably wouldn’t want to pay a .221 hitter much more than that anyway.

If there is any extra cost associated with it, then you are 100% correct.
Not a good idea.

Yup, extra $2.5 million on top of what the Cubs already owe him. Plus, I just read a tweet from ESPN Deportes that says Soriano is going to take a week to talk to his family and consider retirement. Yet another reason for no one, not the Cubs or anyone, to claim him on waivers. I mean, you probably want to make sure the player you want to pick up still wants to play the game, right?

Aloha J- it is an interesting thought though, meaning if the FO makes more trades before the end of this month, especially some on the roster now if there is space available you could add Soriano but it would only be for “window-dressing” not anything for the future. Possibly help bring in a few more folks into the stands in the short run. No matter what, we as Cubs fans will have to endure the next many months till the end of this season with the “hope” as is always said, “there is always next year.” Take care now. Mahalo.

People……we are moving FORWARD…..not backwards………..next, I will hear someone saying that we should get Carlos Zambrano back on the roster.

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