7/8 Final Vote update – #VoteRizzo

Anthony Rizzo is second in the Final Vote balloting, trailing the Rockies’ Justin Morneau. More than 15 million votes have already been cast.

Voting is held exclusively on MLB.com, the official website of Major League Baseball, and the individual Club websites.

In the National League race, Morneau has jumped out to an early, but narrow, lead, trailed most closely by Rizzo and Justin Upton of the Braves. Anthony Rendon of the Nationals and Casey McGehee of the Marlins are in fourth and fifth places, respectively.

Current standings are:

National League
1.Justin Morneau (COL) – # VoteMorneau (N2)
2.Anthony Rizzo (CHI) – #VoteRizzo (N4)
3.Justin Upton (ATL) – #VoteJUp (N5)
4.Anthony Rendon (WSH) – #VoteRendon (N3)
5.Casey McGehee (MIA) – # VoteHitsMcGehee (N1)

American League
1.Chris Sale (CWS) – #TargetSale (A5)
2.Garrett Richards (LAA) – #VoteGRich (A4)
3.Rick Porcello (DET) – #PickRick (A3)
4.Corey Kluber (CLE) – #VoteKluber (A2)
5.Dallas Keuchel (HOU) – #VoteKeuchel (A1)


Carrie, I was just looking at the 2014 Draft list to see who has been signed and who has’nt? There are players already playing in the AZL listed as unsigned? LOL
Then after a trade, the top 20 prospect list is updated ASAP

I’m working on it. Cubs have signed their first 22 picks.

One would think that MLB would have an IT DEPT to take care of that, not put it on the writer. Maybe Doug would volunteer to assist you with that kind of thing? lol
That was a joke Doug.🙂

I don’t actually do the updating, but it’s my responsibility to make sure it’s done

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