7/9 Cubs lineup

Arismendy Alcantara, called up while Darwin Barney is on paternity leave, will make his Major League debut Wednesday night for the Cubs against the Reds. The infielder, promoted from Triple-A Iowa, will start at second base and bat second. Dallas Beeler makes his second big league start for the Cubs. He held the Nationals to one unearned run on four hits over six innings in his debut game. Here’s the lineup:

Coghlan LF
Alcantara 2B
Rizzo 1B
Castro SS
Valbuena 3B
Ruggiano CF
Sweeney RF
Castillo C
Beeler P


Arismendy Alcantara! Gotta figure the first debut of the new wave of prospects coming up!

Alcantara, Beeler, Hendricks: let’s see what the sons of Theo can do!

Dont know if Theo wants to claim them as sons yet, but lets hope they continue to make the organization as a whole proud.

why is alcantara here for only 2 days? makes no sense. lets give him some time and see what he can do. good luck to beeler and kendricks … its time to give them a chance.

He’s here for two days because that’s how long Darwin Barney is going to be on the paternity leave list. They’re not going to force him up into the Majors, but when the opportunity presents itself, they’ll take a look, just like they’re doing with Hendricks and Beeler (not Kendricks). They didn’t force them into the rotation, but simply waited until the inevitable opportunity presented itself. Barney will not last for much longer in the Cubs starting lineup, and when the time comes Alcantara will likely take his spot. Until then, the Cubs will get a brief look at Alcantara and then send him back down to the minors to work more on playing CF (another avenue to the Majors if Barney ends up sticking around for longer than we think) and being a leadoff hitter (which he just started doing last month). Also take note, he’s in the starting lineup, so they didn’t just call him up to fill a roster spot for two days, which is what would have happened if they decided to call up, say, Logan Watkins instead. This two-game stint is all part of his development and if he impresses in the time he gets, his return might happen sooner rather than later.

Doug, nice post as usual. I also think they want Alcantara back to participate in the AAA All Star Game, I read that somewhere else today.

We Stinks………

We can bring up lots of prospects in the next two years……and we still will suck….. I hope we will be good by 2017, but lets look at our Prospects so far we have……

Baez – having hard time in Iowa after being sent down after ST…..he is a man of many positions……problem is, there are other players at those positions…..Castro & Russell are ahead of him at SS…….Bryant is at 3B…..and Alcantara might have the edge on him at 2B…….there is always LF for Baez…..Baez needs to hit before he gets the call next year…..
Bryant – third base or corner outfield ?…..lets put him at his natural position, third base……but before he comes to the majors, Bryant needs to cut down his strikeouts……or we might have another Olt………another 200 more AB’s in 2015 will help Kris ……..I think Bryant will be okay.


Alcantara – second base or center field……most likely CF until Almora arrives…..2B will be a toss up between Russell, Castro or Baez……..nice problem Theo has.

Almora – no where near ready……2017 projection…..will play CF no doubt.


Schwarber – looks like a great hitter…..but what position?…..if he keeps on hitting, we might see Schwarber by August of 2016…..again, at what position?….this winter tell if Schwarber will go back to catching


CJ Edwards – lack of pitching push CJ schedule back another year……maybe a Sept 2016 call up……maybe……before we see Edwards, we will see Vizcaino, Black, Jokisch, Rivero, P Johnson pitching at Wrigley……right now, Wada, Hendricks & Beeler will have to hold down the fort until pitching comes via trades or free agency.


Soler- I think this guy can be at Wrigley by August 2015….only one position, Right Field…….just stay healthy.


Vogelbach – if NL has a DH rule by 2016, he stays….other teams will love his power…….but Rizzo is Theo’s guy………..odds are Vogelbach will be trade bait for pitching….or a catcher.


A. Russell – million dollar question will be “can Russell be better than Castro at SS?”…….if Russell can be one of the game’s best at SS, then Castro is either …A) moving to second….B) moving to the outfield….or C) getting traded for Prospects !

Long road ahead Cubs fans…….a very long road.

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