7/10 Roster moves

The Cubs optioned Dallas Beeler to Triple-A Iowa to make room on the 25-man roster for right-handed pitcher Kyle Hendricks, who will make his Major League debut on Thursday against the Reds. Beeler made his second big league start on Wednesday and took the loss, giving up four runs over five innings. Jake Arrieta, Travis Wood and Edwin Jackson will pitch the final three games before the All-Star break, and then the Cubs will decide what to do to fill the rotation spots created by the Jeff Samardzija/Jason Hammel trade to the A’s.

— Carrie Muskat


They sent Beeler down, but he shows promise for the end of 2014 or next year.

Dallas Beeler looks like a good pitcher…..but we saw this similar type of pitcher before……Shawn Boskie….Jim Bullinger……Micah Bowie……Joe Borowski…….Sirge Mitre…..Randy Wells…..
Beeler needs another pitch to get batters out if he will stay as a starter.

I think what your missing is the slow insurgence of youth being brought up for that taste of ML life, or the proverbial cup of coffee.
I believe that in SEP you will see Alcantara back, possibly Vizcaino, Beeler, Hendrick and maybe even Baez. Cubs Talk, you keep speaking of your disappointment on the season Baez is having, why? Take away the first month, then the minor injury, what are his stats after that? He has recovered very well.
With the little exposure and experience the youngsters are starting to get, it will go far in 2015. Will they have their ups & downs? Of course! Will Bryant and Baez be instant Super Stars? Of course not!
You could be right comparing Beeler to Boskie, Bullinger and Mitre, but you really have not given him a chance, especially after 10 IP. He has come pretty far in a short time; he was playing in the AFL last Fall. Cub fans want instant Super Stardom from the prospects they hear so much about, but in reality, it is going to take time. Just my opinion, but I think the majority of your predictions are very premature.

Baez still striking out too many times……..Bryant & Baez can be instant super stars…..just ask Trout…and Puig…and Harper.

If that is your expectations, you will probably be disappointed. Myself, I would rather see them come up, do well. Should they exceed expectations, thats a bonus.

I’m expecting Hendricks and Dan Straily to replace Samardjiza and Hammel this year. But your guess is as good as mine.

Aloha Cubs Win- I was talking with an A’s person that really liked Straily and thought very highly of him, just that he was up and down between AAA and the bigs but hopefully with maturity could make it. I said to them look at the time the Cubs afforded Jeff S. So, Straily could be a sleeper in the whole deal and nice to see Hendricks pitch so many innings and get some run production from his AAA teammate, very cool! Mahalo!

K. g. You could be very correct on Straily. Looking at what Arrieta has done lately, who would have thought that? Also, lets not forget about the PTBNL.
Also read this morning that the Blue Jays and A’s are looking for second Baseman.

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