7/11 All-Stars


Starlin Castro and Anthony Rizzo show off their National League All-Star jerseys on Friday at Wrigley Field.

(Photo courtesy of Brian Corbin)


Do they keep those jerseys or do they get auctioned off?

Futures Game- Sunday – 4pm – MLB TV

Chris Coghlan is looking like the next All Star candidate. Junior Lake is looking like a spoiled brat breaking his bat over his knee AGAIN! Maybe there should be a fine for such unsportsmanlike behavior. Or just bench him for a “cooling off” time out? These players are supposed to set an example for the youngsters aspiring to become athletes.

Coghlan the next all star???? I hope that was sarcasm… And who cares about him breaking his bat… He didn’t get hurt

NOT SARCASM! Yes, all caps! AND I care about poor sportsmanship! He didn’t hurt himself. – so what – he could hurt someone nearby with the flying pieces and splinters.

Time to send Lake to Iowa…..he can practice on his hitting, temper and his bat breaking.

Aloha Folks- there was a time when teams and coaches demanded more out of the players. Yes, they are just as flawed as all of us but in terms of civil behavior which is also important because this is a team sport, players have to conduct themselves in such a way that is positive as it relates to the team as well as others. For Lake’s growth and maturity I think it important that the coaches and/or management take him aside, out of respect towards him, and talk about his recent behavior. If he cannot get it together or as White suggested be given a cooling off period, we know there are others in our farm system that would be very hungry to get a shot at the bigs, this is what players have to remember and to have an “attitude of gratitude,” as most folks that dream of playing in the show will never have that opportunity. Mahalo.

Aloha k.g. I totally agree,watching Lake do that stunt was old the second time he did that. I am sure by the look on Renteria after that episode he has been spoken too. By the way congrates to you and your extended family White on the new addition. Mahalo!

Thank you KenlyCub. :))). Our hearts are filled with love and gratefulness!

Aloha KenlyCub-good to hear from you. I know it is not easy for any manager to “manage” a young team, especially folks that think they have “arrived,” if you know what I mean. It is also an opportunity to see how good your management-coaches are as they are the ones that have to set the parameters, no matter how famous the person is or is not. I remember talking to a gentleman at my college whose grandfather (or uncle) was still a coach and affiliated with the LA Lakers (this was in the late 80’s early 90’s). We spoke about the many years of successful teams they had, all the all-star players they were gifted with. Then he looked at me and said, you know who deserves a lot of respect but does not always receive it is the coach, in this case Pat Riley. He said it takes a lot to bring a team of “egos” together and perform as one. I have never forgot that. So, be it if Renteria is here for the long term or not, I think our Cubbies will have a large mix of younger players with veterans and now is the time for the coaching staff to take charge and shine. It will bring them many benefits not just tangible ones but intangible as well. Take care now. Mahalo and Go Cubbies!

Aloha k.g. well said. Could we include Phil Jackson in that same conversation. I really like the fact that all managers/coaches start from the ground up,some make it some do not. Can we throw Tony LaRussa in the same conversation. Rick Renteria is also learning to manage this team,will he be the savior, I am not sure,but the Cubs have been playing better and I have give him credit for that. Mahalo and have a good weekend Cubs Nation!

Watching the game,ball got lost in the vines. One of the funniest moments I can remember as a kid was Jose Cardenal losing a ball in the vines,complaining he could not find it as it rolls between his feet. I think it was Mike Lum of the Braves that scampered home from 1st base. Go Cubs!

Aloha KenlyCub! Wow, that is a name you brought up and he played briefly for our Cubbies in 81′! Mike Lum is from “da islands,” was inducted into our Hawaii Sports Hall of Fame. What is unique is that I always thought he was an American of Chinese descent with possibly Caucasian mixed in. I recently learned about him that he was actually born to an American solider (WWII) and a woman from Japan, then adapted by the Lum family in the islands. There are many of us from the islands that are mixed like this as you may know, makes the food taste “ono” (good!). And yes to Jackson (wish he would have stayed a Bulls coach) and LaRussa! Well, I see our Cubbies are coming back, that is neat to see them fight. Mahalo & Go Cubbies!

Olt has a strong arm, couple of good throws. Hope he learns how to hit.

Aloha tomntex- yes he does and plays a 3rd base. I remember asking Carrie at the beginning of the season if she thought he would make the team and in her opinion she felt he need more at bats in AAA, then as we all know he made the team. I really want him to succeed and have thought back to Carrie’s observation about getting in more at bats in AAA to help him as a hitter. Maybe that is still an option for him? Mahalo!

trying to figure out why edwin jackson was signed for 4 years at 52 millions dollars. he is a combined 13-28 in a season and a half. when he signed, he was one game under .500 when offered this contract. i know that everyone said he eats innings, but what good is that when he is horrible. don’t tell me its because he pitches for mediocre team. see arrieta, samardjiza and hammel.

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