7/12 Braves 11, Cubs 6

* Edwin Jackson dropped his team-leading 10th loss Saturday, giving up a season-high nine earned runs on seven hits over 3 2/3 innings. He walked four and struck out three. He is 0-4 with a 5.44 ERA (26 ER/43 IP) in nine games (seven starts) against the Braves. Jackson gave up three home runs in the same start for the first time since Aug. 1, 2012, vs. the Phillies. He was pulled after throwing 74 pitches, the fewest he’s thrown since Sept. 28 last year vs. the Cardinals.

* Arismendy Alcantara was 2-for-5 and scored two runs. He led off the game with his first career extra-base hit at Wrigley Field, a double to left-center field. He has hit safely in his last three games, including two doubles and a triple, scoring four runs.

* Justin Ruggiano posted his third three-hit game of the month. Since returning from the disabled list on May 27, Ruggiano is hitting .319 (37-for-116) with 10 doubles, a triple, three homers, and 14 RBI.


I predicted last March that EJax with 10 wins by All Star break……that prediction didn’t go to well.

I send my prayers and sympathy to Jean Segura whose 9 month old child has passed away. May his faith give him the strength to endure this tragedy. God bless you and your family, Jean Segura.

Somebody please trade for Edwin Jackson. If the cubs could get a case of beer that would be a steal.

No one wants a terrible pitcher who’s making 11 million a year until the end of the 2016 season. The Cubs are stuck with him, like it or not. One of the few bad moves Theo has made.

Doug – if Theo could dump Soriano at $18 million, Theo can dump EJax $11 million……I believe over 20 pitchers have gone down so far this season with TJ issues………GM’s make desperate decisions……….best way to trade EJax is to offer additional players (prospects) and money to get some value back…………I would think a player package like Christian Villanuava & Jemier Canderlario would be an incentive to package EJax if neccessary……..two more years……that we have to endure if no one wants EJax…….then again, the Cubs are not going anywhere either in the next two years……Bosio has a winter project to turn EJax around for 2015.

He dumped Soriano with only one full season left, picked up most of what was left on his contract, and Soriano was still hitting the occasional homer. Jackson has proven over the last season and a half that he can’t consistently get anyone out and is often nearing the 100 pitch mark long before the 6th inning. Yes, pitching is a premium today, but what GM would commit to the rest of this season plus two more full seasons of Jackson, when they can just call up someone from their AAA who can give them the same as or better than Jackson at a fraction of the price?

I like these young guys coming up. Although they lost yesterday they are more competitive. Jackson has to go, he is a streak killer. Olt must go to AAA to work on his hitting. Strong arm, just not ready to give up on him.

Aloha tomntex- as many have wondered including Cubs Win below, what to do in regard to Jackson. He has so many years left on his contract and the way he is pitching no team will want him either. I remember when Theo and company first came in late 2011 they moved a lot of folks and convinced the Ricketts to eat a lot of the contracts to assist the moves to new teams. This maybe the only way to move Jackson, bundle him with other players and eat his contract. At least this allows the FO to test out the arms we have in AAA plus opens up an opportunity in the future to resign a Hammel or another veteran that can help-mentor the young arms on the team. Maybe another deal is in the works before the end of the month. Take care, Mahalo.

I wonder if they’d be willing to just eat the remainder of Jackson’s contract? I can’t see how they can justify sending Alcantara back to Iowa. I recognize it is a small sample size, and sometimes players come up – like Lake – and play great, until the league figures them out. But Alcantara just seems so composed. He’s a significant upgrade over Barney.

I have a question about Friday’s game, which the Cubs almost lost. After Ramirez got that final out in the eighth, why didn’t Renteria let him start the ninth? Since the Cubs really don’t have a lights-out closer, why automatically send in an “iffy” guy in the last inning? Any thoughts? Thanks.

Bruce….let me try to answer that question……in the past decade, the bullpen guys all have become specialists……..there is a guy who is your long relief man who will pitch 3 or more innings when a Starting Pitcher fails to get past the third inning….then there is the one batter situation pitcher …..he comes to face a batter to cut down the odds of that batter to get on base…..then there is the set up pitcher…..he comes in the 8th inning so the Closer can be used only for the 9th inning…….maybe you are a young guy, but relief pitchers like Goose Gossage, Bruce Sutter and Rollie Fingers would pitch 2 or more innings back in the days……..Dennis Eckersley became the first “saves” pitcher who would face one guy to get that cheap save, while other pitchers got the previous last five outs……….as for our “iffy” save guys ( Rondon & Strop)….they are much better then having Marmol, but that is what Renteria has these days………our bullpen is much better then the days of Camp, Bowden and Marmol……….Neil Ramirez did have arm issues, so he is still building up his strength……..Cubs might turn Ramirez in a starter over the winter along with Grimm…….most of these pitchers all have a role to play…..starter, long relief, set up guy, situation pitcher, late inning save guy………maybe by September, Cubs might look at Ramirez just to see if he can fit in that late inning pressure mode.

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