7/22 Barney DFA; Bonifacio activated

The Cubs designated Darwin Barney for assignment on Tuesday and activated Emilio Bonifacio from the disabled list.


Figured the Cubs would either trade or DFA Barney this week. They’ve said that Baez will play more second than short in the second half of the AAA season, which means Alcantara is probably up to stay in the Majors. Now that Bonifacio is back, they can switch off at second and CF, which means Barney’s time on the Cubs has finally run out. Now the question is who the Cubs will DFA, trade, or option when Wada comes up tomorrow and when Fujikawa is ready to come off the DL in the near future? Is Schierholtz next to go? With the emergence of Chris Coghlan and the return of Bonifacio, it seems like he is more expendable than ever now. And who in the bullpen will follow? Should be an interesting next week or so, made even more interesting by the fast-approaching trade deadline.

I thought he might be traded to the Giants. But yesterday they signed Dan Uggla, who was cut last week by Atlanta. Maybe they’ll sign Barney, too.

Don’t they have 10 days to trade Barney? Then they have to release him?

Yes, that is correct re: 10 days


That was a true lol petrey10. After last year, I have been waiting for along time for this.

I loved watching the kid play defense. He has the ability to impact a game as much defensively as many players would like to impact it offensively. With that said, the Cubs definitely need as much offense as possible. Good luck kid. I hope you find yourself offensively.

Mike Olt…. send him to AAA, he is a waste of a roster spot in the majors, and it is hurting his development (if he can turn it around).

but he would just sit the bench in AAA with Bryant and Baez there….. there just really isn’t any space for Olt except for on the ML roster. I don’t think they would designate Olt for assignment quite yet. He has potential but just can’t get it together right now. If Olt hit 230-240 with 20 homers it would be a win for the Cubs

The only way they would send Olt down to AAA is if they also move Bryant to RF. And playing Olt at first base in AAA would serve no purpose either, as Rizzo is not going anywhere anytime soon. I have a feeling that Olt might be a candidate for a post-season “change of scenery” trade, along the same lines as a Tyler Colvin from a few years ago. Until then, he’s got 2+ months to prove that he can hit better than .150 at the Major League level.

Agreed on the stat line, but I would send him down to triple-A and he could play first base, or learn a corner outfield spot. Clearly third base will be taken by Bryant.

Okay, I said earlier in the season we could have up to ten Cubs Players ont he Opening Day roster gone by the end of July………Veras, Samardzija, Hammel, Barney so far………more to come no doubt.

The cool thing about this for me, is it means Alcantara stays. I’m convinced now that Bryant is not coming up until next season, but maybe Baez? Maybe they would be less worried about his clock, and confident they could extend him. DFA Schierholtz could make sense. Or send Lake down. Finally, I always liked Barney. Sad to see him leave, but hoping for a better hitter.

Just very happy to see no one is crying about it, it needed to be done. Doing it this way, also shows there was no high demand for him or he would have been included in a trade.

I legit think Im the only one crying about it 😔 lol.
But that’s okay because he was MY favorite player. And that’s why Im sad that he’s gone. I just really am.

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