7/22 Minor League roster moves

The Cubs announced Tuesday night that Jorge Soler would be promoted from Double-A Tennessee to Triple-A Iowa, and Albert Almora will be promoted from Class A Daytona to Tennessee.


just think where he’d be if he wasn’t hurt all the time…..wow!

Soler in AA: .415/.494/862. Wow is right 👍

He may have been moving at the same pace (or faster?) than Bryant. Can we imagine having Soler, Bryant and Baez being called up at the same time? Well…we can imagine… what a roster that would be come 2015, those three added to Rizzo and Castro….

Rizzo, Bryant, Schwarber, Soler – those are ultimately the key four to me. Lefty, righty, lefty, righty. All power and high OBP.

Did I not say that we could see Soler on Opening Day roster next year….and now, maybe this September………and then there those who said it would not happen that fast.

Health is still key … Let’s wait and see…

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. We don’t know how Soler will look against AAA pitching yet. After all, it took Javier Baez some time to adjust to it and Kris Bryant has been good, but not nearly as dominant as he was at AA. And in Theo’s three seasons with the Cubs, has he ever had a top prospect make their MLB debut on Opening Day? His m.o. seems to be let them start the year in the minors, then call them up when it makes sense for their arbitration clock and for their own development. Anyone who says he will be up on Opening Day or anytime this year is purely speculating on their own and not really paying attention to how Theo has run things so far in Chicago.

Sure, good points Doug. Still fun to speculate. At this point I would give Theo and Jed about as much benefit of the doubt as they want when it comes to when to bring up a player. A slower approach to filling the ML roster seems to be the way to go for the best results. But…we HAVE to be getting closer to that turnover, don’t you think?

Yes, indeed. And Theo & Co. have done a great job at turning the minors around so far, so yes I would give them the benefit of the doubt. Personally, I thought Soler could use more at bats at AA, like as many as Bryant got earlier this season, but I’m no scout and like I said, I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt, so let’s see what happens at AAA. And I think next year could be the year where you either see the window starting to open, or they sneak up on everyone and bust that window wide open then and there! Earlier in the season, Theo & Co. indicated that next offseason they could see themselves going after free agents to help them strengthen the team as opposed to strengthen their position at the trading deadline. Then after the Samardzija trade, they said they hope this is the last season of trading established assets for potential future gain, meaning next year they’ll either stand pat or try to make a run for it. I think all of those statements plus the revival of Rizzo & Castro, the advancement of Alcantara, Hendricks, Beeler, Baez, Bryant, Soler, Almora, & Schwarber, and the acquisition of Russell and McKinney, are good signs of where the direction of this organization is going, and that the turnover that you speak of could be a lot closer than we think! It’s a long way away from Opening Day 2015, but when it gets here it could be the start of a very exciting era of Cubs baseball.

Might I also add that 2013 3rd round pick OF Jacob Hannemann is moving from Single-A Kane County to High-A Daytona (presumably to take Almora’s spot) and that OF Jeffrey Baez (no relation to Javier) is moving from Short-A Boise to Single- A Kane County (presumably to take Hannemann’s spot). As exciting it is for some of the higher prospects to be moving up, it’s also good to know that some of the guys beneath them are working their way up the chain as well (Hannemann does rank 18th on mlb.com’s Top 20 Cubs Prospects list, so he’s not exactly a no-name prospect either).

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