7/23 Cubs lineup

Tsuyoshi Wada makes his second big league start Wednesday as the Cubs continue their 10-game homestand against the Padres. Here’s the lineup:

Bonifacio 2B
Alcantara CF
Rizzo 1B
Castro SS
Coghlan LF
Valbuena 3B
Schierholtz RF
Castillo C
Wada P


Why does our line up ( I thru 8 ) look different every night?
Now here is a lineup we can expect in 2015…..

CF – Alcantara
2B – Baez
1B – Rizzo
SS – Castro
3B – Bryant
RF – Soler
LF – Lake
C – Castillo

Didn’t Hendricks pitching make you forget about Shark …..and more about Maddux comparison !


I hear the Boo Birds are out on Hammel in Oakland…..I wonder if Billy will flip him before the deadline

I wonder if B Jackson or J Vitters will get traded at the dead line in a package deal with one of our vets ?

Because last night was a lefty starter, so guys like Coghlan, Valbuena, and Schierholtz sat, as they usually do against lefties.
And why do you keep thinking that some team is going to take Jackson or Vitters? They’re failed prospects, not deadline additions for a playoff team. No team is going to think that the deal is sweeter because the Cubs are including a failed prospect in the mix. And if anything, the Cubs might want to call up Jackson and Vitters in September just to see if there is anything left. If not, then they can take them off of the 40-man in the offseason in favor of new signings and players they want to protect from the Rule 5 Draft. But they don’t really need to trade them at the deadline because they’re not blocking any prospects and you don’t need to worry about creating space on the 40-man until the Rule 5, so what would be the point exactly?

call up 220 hitters?…..BJax & Vitters have little use to the Cubs these days…or any time in the future……Kalish will be called up before these two guys………BJax & Vitters can be exchanged for someone’s else failed prospects……..Theo can clear space on the 40 man roster with Bjax & Vitters gone…………there is nothing left that we didn’t seen before from these two.

Yes, call them up in September when rosters expand. They are both still on the 40-man, so it’s not like you’ll have to release someone else in order for them to be called up. And who cares what they’re hitting in the minors? It’s not like the Cubs are going to call people up for a September playoff push. And yes, you call up Kalish too. Anyone who is already on the 40-man who can provide depth and will not be up before they’re ready or before the Cubs are ready to start their arbitration clock.
Teams generally aren’t looking for the swap of failed prospects trade at the deadline. And there’s no need to look to clear spots on the 40-man now anyway. I mean, if you trade a veteran off of the 40-man, then you’re also clearing a spot on the 40-man because you’re probably not getting back someone who needs to be put on the 40-man right away. And I doubt the Cubs plan on calling up anyone who is not on the 40-man from here on out. They’ve said they aren’t going to call up Bryant and Baez is busy learning second and probably won’t be up until next year. Other than them, who at AAA is a candidate for coming up in September? Maybe Rivero and Whiteside (just to have a third catcher), but again if you’re trading veterans away, then you will clear a spot on the 40-man without having to worry about removing Jackson or Vitters. Like I said before, the Cubs will be concerned with clearing dead weight off of the 40-man this off season when they need room to sign new players and protect minor leaguers from the Rule 5 Draft. They will worry about that in October and November, not July.

Those are good points Doug, actually both Vitters and Jackson may not belong in any conversation including one involving bringing them up in September to see if they have anything left. I do note that you said “if anything” and I certainly agree with that wording. Even if they are brought up in September there will not be a good enough opportunity with such limited playing time (Renteria will actually play them regularly in September? Doubtful) in order to see if they have anything left. That was made evident during their current minor league season. I’m afraid their ship has sailed….

I’m not saying call them up and give them the keys to the car. More like call them up and let them drive grandma to her weekly aquarobics class and see how that goes. It’s late in the season and all teams are looking for depth from their September callups. If you’re on the 40-man and you have experience, you’re probably going to get called up, if for nothing other than to be a defensive replacement, a pinch runner, and extra arm in the bullpen, or an extra bat off the bench. I wouldn’t presume that they would be called up to get one last chance at being a starter in the Majors. But if there’s something worthwhile there, maybe they’re worth an invite to spring training next year or a change of scenery trade in the offseason. That’s why you call guys like them up.

I don’t think you will see Lake in LF much… I am actually fine with having LF be a platoon of Ruggiano/Coghlan/Lake

I know it is conventional wisdom that Baez won’t be called up, but I think he will. Maybe even as soon as August. Hew as 2 of three today with two walks. And I agree with Cubs Talk that Soler will be called up (and he’s on the 40 man roster).

Actually CW its the opposite. Many beat writers yesterday said on Twitter through their sources that Baez and Soler are pretty much locks to be up with the Cubs in September. One thing many will ask… WHY NOT BRYANT!!?!?!? Well honestly the key factor is CONTROL with Bryant and since Bryant is a Boras client you won’t have the chance to extend him early like in a Rizzo and Castro fashion. Boras is totally against it. Baez has a agent that the FO must be comfortable in getting that early extension done. Soler is already under contract BUT he can opt out at anytime to take Arbitration sooo control is still key for him also but again the FO must feel comfortable enough to get him up early.

At some point I hope they re-examine the collective bargaining agreement. It bugs me that a player like Bryant, who arguably is ready for the Major Leagues, will stay in Iowa because of “control.” At the very least, they should make it so he can come up at the start of the new season, and not a few weeks into it. Anyway, I do hope Soler and Baez come up this year!

this is not a change in the most recent CBA…. pretty sure its been in effect for awhile. I could be wrong tho

CT likes to play MLB The Show and trade away everyone… he even turns off trade rejections so that way he can get Mike Trout for Vitters and Harper for Bjax…. in his world everyone gets traded. He’s always right that way. Just like how we were going to trade 10-15 players this year and have traded only 2… the most obvious 2 that everyone figured would get traded.

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