7/25 Trade rumors

FOX Sports’ Ken Rosenthal reported Friday the Cubs may hang onto Justin Ruggiano and Luis Valbuena at the Trade Deadline even though both have drawn interest and could help a contending club. On Wednesday, Cubs president of baseball operations Theo Epstein told Chicago media that they are evaluating the current roster and trying to decide who to keep. What they want to determine is which players now will help the next generation make the transition.

“There’s value to keeping players who have roles here for the sake of continuity and leadership and performance on the field,” Epstein said at Wrigley Field. “We’re not in any rush to make trades for the sake of making trades.”

— Carrie Muskat


I heard the Blue Jays are now regretting of not moving on Shark…….
Theo is just boosting Valbuena’s trade value…….
If Theo is serious on gaining pitching arms, then a Travis Wood deal could net a few good starting pitching prospects …….
when you are in last place, heading towards another 90 plus losing season, you have to make trades and not stand pat…….
I know many think a Shields, Lester and a Masterson can help the Cubs…..but it takes two to tango……and the Cubs are not ready to compete in 2015…..put yourself in these top FA pitchers cleats…..are you ready to sign a NTC contract with a last place Cubs team with rookie hitters….or would rather play for a playoff / west coast team that has big time hitters for the next five seasons ?

Blue Jays can regret, too late.
Could be Theo is boosting Valbuena’s trade value or could just mean the Cubs need a 3rd baseman to finish out the season.
Why trade Wood, great experience for next year, might turn it around. What could you get for him this year?
When you loose 90 games, you get really good Draft Picks, thanks to a very good scouting department.
I really doubt this Management signs any FA’s to long term contracts, especially Pitchers.

Jasper, there is lack of pitching now with Price off the market, Lee is too expensive, and now Peavy is heading towards San Fran……….T Wood would bring a bundle due he is a lefty, he is under control, and he is cheap in salary……..what if Wood has a another bad season in 2015?….would you rather have a 2014 Wood in 2015….or would you rather have at least three starting pitching prospects who can mold with this young team for the next 6-10 years!……..I have no doubt that one of the four AL teams competing would jump on Wood….and lets take one step farther…adding E Jax in a Wood deal……now a playoff team can have Wood and EJax, who could pitch those long innings and save innings on the bullpen down the stretch………..when Wood time comes up for free agency, he will want $115 million……..Theo did not give that contract to Shark……..and Wood sure will not get that.

Then I would say goodbye to Wood at that time also, he is definitely not worth it huge money, at least this year.
Fujikawa and Jackson sure have not earned their contract money’
Depends on the contract Masterson, Lester, Shields or Sherzer would want?
Especially the length of that contract. FA’s are rarely worth the money they get.

Times are changing … We don’t need to trade everyone… We can compete in 2015. We should be adding three bats next year in prospects alone that can/should produce way more than what we had this year. I also believe we will see Lester or Scherzer in a Cubs uni next year

I don’t know which was a funnier line….Cubs competing in 2015….or the Lester / Scherzer being a Cub………….May I have another glass of Blue Kool-Aid please!

Actually I think everything you said was way funnier. Combining Wood and Ejax to get multiple top pitching prospects, Wood asking for $115 million when he’s a free agent. Hilarious, absolutely hilarious. And the Cubs competing in 2015 is pretty realistic, but I’m sure you’d rather see them lose so you can continue feeling sorry for yourself for being a poor, poor Cubs fan

Aloha Folks- all good points. I think the FO will have to spend some money in this off-season to possibly get a bat and some pitching. I had wished in the A’s trade that they could have offered EJax with Shark, but would have had to swallow most of his contract which I am sure haunts Theo. I was hoping that Hammel could stay for the season. Who knows, it may work out where at the end of the season he could return to our Cubbies for next year. A couple of “veteran” type players along with the youngsters will be very exciting in the upcoming year(s). Mahalo.

KG…I see Peavy is heading towards the Giants !

Aloha CubsTalk- Yes, Peavy is going to start tomorrow. I have to give the Giants credit, they have made some very good moves the past 4 years, I think this one could work out for them but will have to see. Mahalo!

The A` site is suggesting the team may be seeking help at second base. Is there anyone whom we might recommend? Hmmm? Would be more than satisfying to join the team with best record in the game.

Aloha jhosk- well, since they have the hitting but could maybe use some defense, Barney was having a great June-July, they could get him for cheap and he could eat a lot of sushi and teriyaki out our way! Mahalo!

Valbueana came up big yesterday. As I believe Hoyer opined last month, he`s unappreciated. Some on here are fond of denigrating Luis, and I do not comprehend that. Glad to see Scott Simon will be throwing out the ceremonial first pitch Monday prior to the Rockies` contest. Scott is a Chicago native and long-suffering Cubs` fan who also happens to be the best interviewer in any medium, and one of my favorite people.

Hello k.g. Yes, I am a liitle befuddled by that transaction regarding Peavy. He`s been awful with the Red Sox. Perhaps a change of scenery will rejuvenate the man, but I don`t think he can pitch effectively any longer. Hammel struggled again yesterday. The pitcher they sent down to make room for Hammel , Milone, is asking to be sent to another organization. Can you blame him? He was 6-0 with the A`s with an earned run average well below 3. Ichiro struck his first dinger of season last night and it was the difference in the contest. Mahalo!

Aloha jhosk- I think the Giants are hoping that Peavy can regain his concentration plus as a rookie came up with a manager he highly respects, Bruce Bochy. Peavy’s first five years were under Bochy, so the gamble is that the catcher-coach-manager in Bochy will help Peavy to channel his energy again. I think with Hammel, he saw the opportunity coming to the Cubs as a second chance and sees what the organization is doing to rebuild, so he was excited to come, whereas with Shark he had been here awhile and feeling like he wasn’t “getting any support,” so he was ready to leave but maybe not Hammel. It is one reason why I saw do not count him out for a return to our Cubbies next year. And my father will agree with you that Ichiro can still hit and defend in the field and feels the Yankees should use him more. Hope you are all doing well. Mahalo!

Yes, k.g., and Hammel`s history is that he struggles vs. AL teams. I would like to see him return to us next season. Regarding Ichiro`s power or lack of it, the first game I ever attended at the current Yankee Stadium was three or four years ago and the opponent was Seattle, whom Ichiro was still with. It was mid-August and he had just a handful of homers to that point all season. But guess what he did his very first and second ab`s in that contest—yes, went deep to the same right centerfield area. Russell Branyon followed him in the line-up at the time, and he struck a “moon shot” into the third upper deck in right field, which I would not doubt is still the longest ever hit in that stadium. Mahalo!

That relationship you cite between Bochy and Peavy could prove meaningful to the pitcher`s success or lack of it now he`s in the Bay area, k.g. I overlooked that with my original comment. That remark you made earlier about sushi and teriyaki made me grin widely, I`ll have you know. Mahalo!

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