7/29 Iron man

Starlin Castro entered Tuesday’s game batting .225 in July (20-for-89), with four doubles, seven RBIs, and zero home runs. Manager Rick Renteria talked to Castro on Monday about the possibility of the shortstop taking a day off.

“I think his at-bats, even though the results haven’t been what he was doing previous, his at-bats have still been pretty good,” Renteria said.

On Monday, Castro did hit a double, but he hasn’t been as productive as he was prior to the All-Star break.

“I’m not worried about Starlin,” Renteria said. “He wants to play every single day. I spoke to him [Monday], and said, ‘Hey, maybe I’m thinking about giving you a day off,’ and he went out and took a half hour of ground balls like it was the end of time. He said, ‘Do I look tired?’ He wants to play every day.

“He deserves the courtesy of me talking to him and saying, ‘Let’s get together and talk about what might be a good day [for a breather] if there’s a day.’ We’ll sit down and talk about it.”

— Carrie Muskat


Who’s ball club is it? He’ll never say he needs a day off. When the manager says its time for a day off that should be the end of the conversation.

If they wanted a no-nonsese, it’s my way or the highway type manager then they would have let Sveum come back for another season. Theo apparently wasn’t a fan of how Sveum handled Castro and Rizzo, and that’s a big reason why he was fired. I believe he said something like “you need to give your young players love before you give them tough love.” Renteria was brought in because he was seen as that type of manager, a manager who would be happy to communicate and work with his players without being a stern authoritarian. This is a perfect example of the difference between Sveum and Renteria. And so far, the results look pretty good as both Castro and Rizzo are having good seasons and Alcantara and Hendricks have looked good so far as well. Maybe one day, the Cubs will need the type of manager who says it’s my way or the highway, but they’re not at that point yet.

I actually love what Renteria did here…. Castro has earned that courtesy. If he doesn’t need a day off then he doesn’t need a day off.

Sounds like good communication to me. Two way respect can go a long way on a ball club.

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