7/30 Bonifacio rumors

Cubs GM Jed Hoyer hinted on Tuesday that the team may move some of the players who will be free agents after this season, and that list apparently includes Emilio Bonifacio. There were reports Wednesday that the Giants, Royals, Mariners and Reds were looking at the switch-hitting Bonifacio, 29, who was batting .279 in 298 plate appearances for the Cubs. This was Bonifacio’s first season in Chicago and he has been slotted into the leadoff spot for most of the year. He did miss time from mid June to mid July with a strained right rib cage.

— Carrie Muskat


More teams inquiring, the better the return.

If Boni is traded, will Baez get called up?

My guess would be an OF, since they’ve been using Bonifacio in CF lately and they might not be totally ready to commit Alcantara to CF full time just yet. Kalish would be my best guess. They could also call up Logan Watkins if they want to give Alcantara more exposure in CF, but again I don’t think they’re ready to make him the everyday CF just yet. Baez or Soler would be a bold move, but I wouldn’t expect either one up until at least September, especailly since Baez could probably use a few more games at second in AAA.

We’ll see. Calling up Baez would be a pretty clear indication that they are focused on competing in 2015.

Watkins is doing okay….and is on the 40 man roster…..Baez is not.

Rusin was called up today…..no mention who was sent down yet……so maybe it will be announce after the Bonifacio trade.

I don’t see anywhere that Rusin was called up, but assuming that he was, my guess there is that Rusin was called up just to have a fresh arm in the bullpen. In case Wood gets hurt, gets knocked around, or is at 100 pitches already in only the 5th inning, they can bring in someone to give them multiple innings and save a few of the arms in the bullpen. Or if they have another 16 inning game, Rusin will be the extra innings guy to go to. After last night, only Rondon is pitching on any rest and Strop, Russell, Parker, and Villlanueva are coming off of multiple inning performances and are probably not available at all. That just leaves Wright, Grimm, and Schlitter to go with the closer Rondon.

Baker only pitched an innning last night. He should be fresh for at one tonight.

Just because you didn’t see it, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

I don’t know. He pitched better than Jackson, so maybe they plan on Baker taking Jackson’s spot in the rotation next time around!

Well, if I Google “Rusin called up” and nothing from today comes up, then I have to wonder where exactly you heard this info from. Kind of like how you kept on saying that Theo was the one who said that the Cubs would not be outbid for Tanaka, but when I Googled it I found out that it was actually an AL scout who was saying that in speculation. So I’m sorry, but you have been wrong before. However, notice I did say “but assuming that he was [called up]” leaving room for the possibility that you are in fact right. Chill out, and go back to your Emilio Bonifacio Trade Watch 2014 coverage.

Twitter search is the fatest source of information.

#Cubs : From the Wire: Cubs Recall LHP Chris Rusin from Triple-A Iowa http://bit.ly/XgX19q #MLB

And Google is what, AOL search circa 1997? I’m just saying I always like to wait until an official announcement is made or at least multiple outlets are reporting it. One blog’s tweet is not enough for me to say, yeah, that’s really happening. A Google search will usually return multiple results (for example, “Cubs trade for Doubront” returns multiple hits about the trade today), including any tweets or other messages.

Rusin is in Chicago but not officially added to the roster as of 6:30 pm CT

Theo is soaking every ounce on this trade to get the best prospect……over four teams involved with the Cubs to obtain Bonifacio.

Orioles, Reds & Giants are in the run for Bonifacio.

Aloha CubsTalk- would be neat if the Giants coughed up something for Bonifacio. Mahalo

That is the only club I would be comfortable seeing Boni going to, k.g. I would like to have him back with us in 2015, just as you suggested would be beneficial to Hammel. Incidentally, Jason is scheduled to start for the A`s tonight.

Why are some people still talking about Tanaka?
The guy is a Yankee now….and on the DL.

So why was my innocuous Google/Twiiter post deleted, but Doug’s angry posts remain? I’m educational, he’s bringing hate to the site. I don’t understand….

I don’t see a Doug angry post. I do see him trying justify why he believed that Rusin had not been called up. I don’t even know why he is doing that?
If there is anyone that don’t need to explain or justify their comments, its Doug.

I wasn’t not believing it. I just wondered where CT read/heard that information. He comes on here all the time saying things without the source he got it from (it’s not this site because he always goes off on his own topic no matter what the story that he’s posting under is about). So I was just wondering where he got his information from.

Bringing hate to this site? Wow, that’s not melodramatic in the least! I’ve had posts on this site deleted too, but you don’t see me crying about them. Besides, I generally like your posts and wasn’t angry. I was just pointing out that I hadn’t seen anything official about Rusin or any major news outlet reporting on it either. And that Google is not some backwater search engine. And that one unconfirmed tweet from some non-official blog is not enough for me to fully go on… although I will point out yet again that despite all of that, I still posted under the assumption that it probably wasn’t false information. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go vent in the ANGER DOME!!!!

You weren’t rude to me. You were rude to Cubs Talk.

Meh. Maybe he should stay on topic then. Or maybe, as I have suggested to him before, he can start his own blog where he can post anything he wants and he won’t have to just post random things on here all the time. The least he can do when he goes off topic is give us a source, like “WGN Radio is reporting that…”. If he does that, then I promise I will not be rude to him!

Maybe impolite would be a better word.

Well, the topic was Bonifacio. He said that Rusin was called up. He thought maybe that was because Bonifacio was traded? His information about Rusin proved accurate. How was he off topic?

Cubs Win, your usually a very good poster, I don’t understand why your trying bait Doug tonight.
Best poster on this site.

Yeah, I loved his post explaining why Olt would not be sent to AAA because it made no sense for him to play first base.

Thanks, Jasper. I don’t get it either. Cubs Win is usually a good poster and I usually find his comments insightful and informed. I guess he woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning or he felt hurt because his post got deleted. I mean, we’ve all had posts deleted for various reasons before and Carrie is usually good at communicating with you to let you know why, as long as you put a valid email address in the field below. So get over it already! And I’m sorry I was wrong about Mike Olt too. I guess that’s why the Cubs decided to hire Jed Hoyer as GM instead of me. And I also apologize for wanting people to cite their sources on here. I guess we all can make wild claims and when they don’t show up on a Google search, it’s okay because they’re probably on someone’s Twitter somewhere. Not someone who has any connection to the team mind you, but if it’s out there then it’s 100% true and if you question it you must be an angry jerk.
Mike Trout to the Dodgers for Yasiel Puig. Don’t bother with a Google search because you won’t find it. But hey, why not? Sounds good to me.

Even the best of the best are wrong at times. Epstein and Hoyer have made a few. Couple gambles that went wrong. Gambled on Jackson and Stewart, neither worked out.
Don’t know if Fujikawa was a mistake or gamble?
On Olt we all had a difference of opinion. Doug, Petrey or Cubs Win did not agree with me. I would have liked for him to play regular and hit 5th or 6th. We wont know if that would have worked out this year now. He’s playing regular and hitting at AAA.
No baseball fan, manager, member of management is right all the time, no one.

I`m liking this new side you have revealed, Cubs Win. You have strong opinions too, and you won`t be bullied. You`ve gained new respect.

How is an excellent post filled with good points and facts being bullied?

Giants just released Uggla and Colvin. Giants claim they are not in on Bonifacio.

just showing losing Colvin was not a big deal. Now DJ on the other hand could’ve came in handy last year and this year.

106 years of frustration building up for some fans.
2017 is just around the corner.

really not needed man…. keep your “not contending till 2017” crap to yourself.

More Frustration being shown once again.

I think it will be 2015, especially with the bigger clubhouse, new signs and much more excitement at Wrigley.
Rizzo will be the veteran leader some of you think the Cubs need to sign. Wood will rebound, Arietta has been a excellent addition. Who is to know that Doubront wont be like Arietta? A little work with Bosio and the Cubs might have hit the jackpot. Hendricks keeps it up and you have four solid starters.
Release Jackson at the end of the year and just let him go. Should all that go ok, sign a FA Pitcher, there will be a few available.
My concern is and has been Catcher. Castillo is doing well, but that’s a tough spot and injuries happen.

I don’t think the clubhouse will be done by next year… I could be wrong but with how things have been held up recently I don’t know if it will be ready.
you can’t jsut release Jackson…. this isn’t the NFL. Jackson will either play for the Cubs or be traded. The latter is just too hard to get done…. example? see Soriano.
I really like the idea of signing Shields if we can’t go after Lester or Scherzer. He can be a good arm to man the 2-3 spot of the rotation. Then I see us adding a project arm or two…. say Brett Anderson or McCarthy or maybe even Masterson if he takes a shorter contract to up his value. Just depends on how much we want to spend in one offseason.
Catcher is going to be hard to upgrade. I don’t know if we will want to put the resources into an upgrade. BUT we desparately need to upgrade backup catcher. Baker is terrible. I would rather have one of the guys in the minors catch than Baker. At least they would be cheaper.

I cant just release Jackson, but if there is no other takers, it can be done. Soriano and Dan Uggla have been. Maybe put on waivers, but gone just the same.
Uggla is owed pretty big money next year, from what I understand.
Agree on Catcher, upgrades will come from with in the system eventually.

Uggla has NOT been released by Giants…. yet

Your right, it was reported he was yesterday, then changed awhile later on trade rumors.

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