7/30 Countdown to Trade Deadline

GM Jed Hoyer and Theo Epstein have both indicated the Cubs could make another move by Thursday’s 3 p.m. CT Trade Deadline. The players most likely to go would be those who will be free agents after this season. That list includes:

Nate Schierholtz .198/.244/.310
Emilio Bonifacio .279/.318/.373
John Baker .216/.308/.256

Carlos Villanueva 4-6, 5.49 ERA in 28 games (2.87 ERA as reliever; 10.53 ERA in five starts)

Of course, with Baker’s outstanding pitching performance on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning, they’ll probably keep him.


With all these Big Name Pitchers not getting traded, I figure some GM will be desperate for Edwin Jackson !

Yeah, if that GM also doesn’t own a TV or a computer and refuses to look at stats as a measure of how good a player is.

I do believe Villanueva will help a playoff team in the stretch….and in the post season big time.

Hey there Carrie……any word if B Jackson, Vitters or Cabrera get another shot ?
I doubt any of these guys will be on the 40 man roster or with the club after this season.

Cabrera is not on the 40-man, so they’d have to make room for him. There’s probably other guys not on the 40-man they would consider ahead of him, such as Rivero or Hatley. Jackson and Vitters are both on the 40-man and as I said before, when September callups happen, why not call either of them up?

if Vitters & BJax is not called up, their tenure is over with the Cubs

I am liking that comment about Baker`s pitching skill. If I can be serious for a moment, I`d like the Cubs to keep Bonifacio. I covet seeing him at the dish moreso than any other current player you care to name. Am confident he`ll do something positive, especially when batting vs. southpaws.

he could be traded…then re-signed in the off season.

In reference to Lester likely moving to another organization soon, Buster Olney said today that Pittsburgh has the best farm system in the game, and I paraphrase, if the Pirates have the stones to pull the trigger, they can bring Jon aboard. What is more likely to happen, unfortunately in my opinion, is that the Redbirds or Dodgers deal for Lester. And I have heard it said we have one of best farm systems. Wonder where we rank behind the Bucos? Guess it`s very subjective.

Did you know Jake Arrieta and “the cutter” are featured in today`s “USA TODAY?” A quote from a scout, “The others are minor league cutters compared to what Arrieta is throwing.” On another subject, is good to see Vin Scully is returning for his 66th season in 2015. Amazing! Talk about records that may never be broken!

Jason Hammel getting rocked again today…….his ERA is over 10.00 with the A’s….the A’s are regretting giving up Russell now.
Sharks’ starts have been two wins…..one loss,,,,,,and two games where he was going to the lost, but his team bailed him out with a 9th inning come backs.

Masterson was traded to the Cardinals……..lets see how good he is in the NL.

If the Cubs can make any trade, throw in Edwin Jackson for nothing.

Why would anyone take him for nothing? That’s like saying I’ll give you my brand new car, but I’m also going to dump all of my garbage out on your bed.

That saying sounds like some girl’s father who told you Doug, “please marry my daughter to get her out of my house……….”

Good point Doug. Probably need to throw in at least a $Million.

Probably need to throw in every single cent on Jackson’s deal and even then it won’t happen. The only teams that would want to acquire Edwin Jackson are those who haven’t seen him pitch at all the past two seasons, or the ones with GMs who are trying to get fired.

Rusin heading to Chicago.

With a lack of Big Name Pitchers moving, a trade with EJax with $$$$$ can happen. Many teams want allot for a Price, Lester, Lackey, Hammel………..pay 80% of EJax contract, Theo could score with a decent prospect from a GM looking for pitching help.

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