8/1 Cubs lineup

Kyle Hendricks makes his fourth big league start Friday night when the Cubs open a three-game series against the Dodgers in Los Angeles. Here’s the lineup:

Alcantara 2B
Coghlan LF
Rizzo 1B
Castro SS
Valbuena 3B
Sweeney CF
Castillo C
Schierholtz RF
Hendricks P


Is fortunate the Cubs will not have to deal with Kershaw in this series. Hope the offense provides Kyle with some support tonight, unlike their sorry lack of production last Sunday.

Aloha jhosk! Gosh, very cool to see the offense come alive and on the road! I know all the Giants fans in my area are rooting for our Cubbies! I was just happy for Hendricks, who pitched really well. Will be very interesting to see if the FO in the off season is able to get a veteran arm or two to go with Hendricks, Arrieta, Wada, Wood. I know I am jumping the gun and a lot can happen between now and next spring but am happy to see these folks pitching well given the state the team is currently in. A veteran bat with some production could be nice too but for tonight the lineup produced! Mahalo!

Hendricks looked like a surgeon. I have been hopeful that the fall after the trade deadline wouldn’t be as stark this year, as some of the replacements are some of the players we’ve been looking forward to.

Yes, k.g., I wish I could have seen last night`s contest. I heard somewhere that was the most runs we`ve scored since a game July 2nd or so. Am pleased to hear many of the fans out your way support the Cubs. I read in yesterday`s “USA TODAY” that the Cubs are paying all of both Russell`s and Bonifacio`s salaries for the remainder of this season, and that was an agreement the organization had to make with Atlanta in order to receive a prospect of the quality of Caratini. Did you know that? I was more than a little surprised by the revelation. Sounds as if Hendricks looked awfully good last night. Isn`t he a Dartmouth product? Au revoir!

Aloha jhosk- Wow, Hendricks is also a “smart” pitcher too! That is great! I did not know that the Cubs had to pay all the salaries. That is the one thing that has me concerned over the last 3yrs it seems like we have to pay for other teams to take on players. I know part of it is the business. Maybe we can get Bonifacio at the end of the season for next year, thought he was good and can help younger players. I hope Wada-san pitches lights out tonight and the offense can keep it up! I would love for our Cubbies to be “spoilers” for this year then next year, watch out! Mahalo!

I consider is a positive that the Cubs are willing to pay the salaries for players that they trade. To me, it shows that they are making trades in order to improve the overall health of the organization by adding quality prospects, unlike small market teams that may need to focus on salary dumps. The fact that the Cubs are willing to pay $14m of Soriano’s salary this year belies the argument that they are cheap.

I agree with you, CW. That most recent accommodation the Cubs made with the Braves makes Atlanta appear cheap, in my view.

Aloha Cubs WIn and jhosk- true about some teams as being cheap, you hope they reciprocate when the deal is the other way, one of their players with a lot left on their contract. I also think that the other clubs know the situation our Cubbies are in and what the FO is trying to do, so because these were decisions in the past to pay out these large contracts, the organization is taking responsibility for them and not that there cannot be players again with the organization with longer term contracts but righting the ship first and getting a team together where the chemistry is good and that seems to be on the near horizon. Wada-san is pitching very well tonight on the Road against the Dodgers and I just wish our offense would continue what they did yesterday to support him and his effort. Take care now. Mahalo!

Yes, k.g., Wada pitched well. I did not get to see him perform. I viewed the game from the seventh inning to the conclusion due to bonus coverage from the MLB Network. Our best opportunity was in that inning when Lake was on first with Jansen pitching. Vin Scully himself commented that Jansen is easy to steal on. Said 26 of 30 base runners have been successful swiping bases vs. Jansen. Yet the strategy was to have Schierholtz bunt, something he`s done just three times in his entire career which began in 2007. Then he bunted a pitch at eye level which predictably was popped up. That was a golden opportunity which was blown. I`m very unhappy with what Schierholtz has not given us all season. I surely hope he`s not back in 2015. At least we got to listen to Vin, an American treasure. He`s older than 14 mlb franchises, I`ve heard said. With Jackson starting Sunday, our chances appear bleak. Mahalo!

Aloha jhosk- good point in regard to Lake on first, why not let him go? Remember in the 70/80’s seeing folks stealing bases, even the ones you would not expect but were able too. It is a lost art and should be part of the game plan, along with bunting. Sometimes folks play it safe. I think knowing that our Cubbies are not going to the playoffs this year, take some chances with this team, let’s see what they can do. It is sad about Schierholtz this year in regard to his bat which if as you mentioned would have been better to let him swing away and have Lake attempt the steal. Yes, Scully will be missed and is a treasure. Take care. Mahalo!

Yes, k.g. Is a great point that, since we are not contending, we are in a place where we can take risks, and stealing in that situation was intelligent and low risk. Jon Miller is not a shabby broadcaster either. Have a great day k.g. and Cubs Win too.

I was happy to see Wada-San pitch well.

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