8/11 The catch


Photo by Nuccio DiNuzzo, Chicago Tribune


That was a remarkable grab by the gentleman. I`ve heard it said he`s 65. He threw a ball back onto the field immediately after the catch, because, after all, it was hit by the opposition. But was that the ball he caught? Not so, according to what was described on the MLB Network`s “Quick Pitch” broadcast this morn. They showed video of what they call “the switcheroo,” i.e, he along with the folks close by, substituting the original ball with another, which was then heaved onto the field.

The above photo would have made a fantastic piece of artwork by Norman Rockwell…look at the expressions on the faces….the arms over the one fan’s head…PERFECT FOR ROCKWELL. May he rest in peace. I am going to print this photo and make my own portrait in honor of Norman Rockwell.

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