8/15 Cubs deal Jackson to D-Backs

The Cubs dealt 2009 first-round pick Brett Jackson to the Diamondbacks late Thursday for Minor League right-handed pitcher Blake Cooper.

Cooper, 26, was 4-2 with a 3.57 ERA in 41 relief appearances combined for Double-A Mobile and Triple-A Reno this year. He was named to the 2014 Southern League All-Star team, posting a 1.85 ERA in 24 games with Mobile. However, he had a 6.00 ERA in 17 games at Reno, giving up 16 earned runs on 25 hits and 17 walks over 24 innings at Reno. A 12th-round pick in 2010, Cooper was 16-15 with 16 saves and a 3.27 ERA in five Minor League seasons.

Jackson, who turned 26 on Aug. 2, was the 31st player taken overall in the 2009 First-Year Player Draft. Injuries slowed the outfielder, limiting him to 61 games last season at Triple-A Iowa.

In 81 games at Iowa this year, he was batting .210 with eight doubles, four triples, five homers and 20 RBIs. Jackson was called up to the big leagues in August 2012, but batted .175 in 44 games. His strikeout totals were high; in 2012, he fanned 158 times over 106 games at Iowa.

The move opens a spot on the Cubs’ 40-man roster. According to the Arizona Republic, Jackson will be assigned to Triple-A Reno.

— Carrie Muskat


Wow, my first thought is…”how did Theo/Jed pull THAT off?” I know time will tell but getting ANY young pitcher with ANY upside for Jackson must be accepted as a good thing. Jackson may blossom with the D-Back….EVENTUALLY….and I say SO WHAT. Right? I must admit when I saw the headline I was giddy thinking it was Edwin and not Bret. Ha!

I thought the same thing for a second, but then realized it would have said D-Backs get Jackson + cash, for minor league pitcher. No one is taking him without the cubs footing most of the bill.


ya this move is just a move to clear a 40 man spot but my question is…. WHY? Soler is already on it…. Bryant doesn’t need to be on it yet. Could a Rusney Castillo deal be on the horizon? Or another trade/pickup from another team? Bringing up Rivero? Very interesting.

Usually, teams like to carry a third catcher in September. The Cubs only have two catchers on their 40-man, so at the very least they will have room to add Eli Whiteside or Rafael Lopez. Of course, September is still a couple of weeks away, so maybe they just want a little flexibility with their 40-man in case they would like to promote a pitcher who is not currently on it. Or maybe they were looking to unload B. Jackson because they were done with him and someone finally came along and offered an acceptable deal for him.

I haven’t seen anyone mention that Ben Carhart was promoted to Daytona. I know he’s been playing all over the diamond, but I saw him catch in Peoria earlier this season. He threw out three base stealers, including Chuck McElroy’s son trying to steal third base late in the game. The first one had a huge jump, and I didn’t think he had a chance, but his throw was perfect and quick and clearly beat the runner. I would like to see him spend more time behind the plate.

This trade was nothing more than giving two young players a fresh start in a new Organization.
I have never noticed Carrie’s keen sense of humor.
Turner looked awesome in his Cubs debut. That may turn out to be a very nice trade.
After that start by Jackson, I think his days are numbered. With the amount of starting Pitching, plus a possible FA, it might be very close to time to just pay him off and say good bye. I cant see anyone else wanting him, unless they need innings.

I was a journalism major. And one of the first things you learn is that the writer doesn’t write the headline, there are separate headline writers. And every headline on the site just uses the person’s last name. I am always impressed by how many articles Carrie writes, how insightful there are, etc. I frankly am not super impressed by the commenters on the site. Three in particular who strike me as rather unpleasant chaps.

Aloha Cubs Win, very true. I was so excited, thinking when I saw the name “Jackson,” it caught my attention that EJax was moved! Well, I can hope for that in the future, I want him to do well as well as our Cubbies and I do not think that he, EJax will be a good fit after this season. It might be a situation whereby the FO is just going to have to eat it. Take care. Mahalo!

Yep. It reminds me a little of the Barry Zito saga. And despite the fact that Zito had a 7-year, $18m-per contract, they moved him to the bullpen. Although Jackson is even worse than Zito. I read that he literally has the worst ERA in the league – almost a point higher than the next guy. So I think the Cubs might just have to eat it.

Anybody who thinks Arizona would trade for Edwin Jackson probably can’t read anyway.

I am absolutely on board thinking Edwin Jackson has proven he is VERY EXPENDABLE and hope that Theo does not see a reason to keep him on the ML roster JUST to eat up innings but rather sees the error of the Jackson signing as he saw the error of the Stewart signing and part ways with Jackson by any means and thusly creating an opportunity for ANOTHER innings eater that at least has a chance to eat QUALITY innings giving his teammates some hope of WINNING a ballgame once in a while.

I dont see it as an error. At the time his STATS were compared to that of Sanchez ( I believe? ) and were very comparable. Jackson just has not piched well for the Cubs.
It didnt work out.

Aloha Jasper- I know at the time that Theo and Co were sad to lose out on A. Sanchez, I often wondered if he tested the market so that he could get a better deal from the Tigers. Having said, at the time I was concerned about him especially since he had bounced around a lot from his MLB beginning, I think he had been with 8 teams by the time he came to our Cubbies, Sanchez I believe had been with 3. Again, I could have been proven wrong. Yes he could throw innings had a couple of years there but I did not see the growth potential like with Sanchez. I am sure you will agree that when knew management comes in and wants to do it their way, sometimes pride can get in the way and it becomes hard to own up to a certain decision because it “admits” guilt. I am not saying that Theo and Co are thinking this way but they did want to make a “splash” when they came knowing that they were not going to spend a lot of money at the time and this is what we got. It has not turned out well and I think for Jackson, if he is to rebound at all, it will be better if he can get on with a team in the AL. But he must be concerned too because when the FO did put his name out there, there was very little interest. For me, I am not as concerned about age as I am about someone being “hungry.” Wada is hungry and wants a shot to make it in the MLB and is going out there, hustling. Ichiro at 40 is still outplaying folks half his age in the outfield and can still hit (saw him make an amazing catch a month ago against the A’s in Oakland, he made it look routine). Baez is hungry and so forth. EJax does not seem “hungry-motivated” to me to get better or try to figure out what is going on. At least Zito when with the Giants was contemplative and did bring them back from the brink of elimination against the Cardinals in 2012. Forgive me for rambling, I mean no ill will towards any of the ball players, I have said many times here that all of these guys are doing what the majority of us could only dream of, playing major league ball. It is a business and as Hank Aaron said, “you were paid for your past year’s performance not 5yrs out into the future.” Willie Mays who I had the pleasure of meeting in college, when asked about Jose Canseco’s 40/40 feat, replied that he was always taught that baseball is a team sport. He could have done that I believe as an individual but for Mays it was for the betterment of the team. I could be wrong but I do not see this coming from Ejax. I hope you have a blessed weekend! Mahalo!

Aloha Again Jasper- forgive me for putting the wrong words “knew” instead of “new,” as well as to leave out some “words” from my long post. But I hope it makes sense. I know you have been a Cubs fan a long time and hopefully you see some light at the “beginning” of the tunnel; it will be fun to watch the FO and what they do between now and next Spring and see who is still around, free agent(s) possibly signed or other trades that take place. I am encouraged watching this current team. Well, just picked up an Eddie Miksis 53 Topps card that I needed for the set that continues to be built, first started by my father as a child and I hope one day to finish it! Mahalo!

For those unfamiliar with “at the time”…… AFTER the 2012 season was WHEN Jackson was signed as a FA. Some of his STATS AT THAT TIME OF SIGNING: 189.2 IP, 31G, 85ER, 4.03ERA, 168SO, 10W, 11L, 173H, 23HR. Regardless of who he was being compared to (I for one believe Sanchez’s era was 3.74 at the time, probably one of his higher year ending eras and Jackson is by far an inferior pitcher to Sanchez), signing him was a mistake. Not just his 2012 STATS can back that up but pretty much his career STATS as well as the number (7???) of previous teams that must be losing sleep every night because they “let him get away”. I would think that several other pitchers could have provided the same results at a much shorter commitment to a roster spot. My take on this has little, if anything to do with wasted money, I don’t care how the Ricketts allow Theo to spend their money and quite frankly I hope they open up the vault for Theo because Theo is very good at assembling talent and spending money on talent. He is allowed a few fumbles once in a while such as the ERROR of signing Jackson. A SOMEWHAT understandable error but an error none-the-less. When a pitcher has a less than remarkable history, has not pitched well for several teams, has had trouble sustaining long runs of quality games…..”Just” not pitching well was written all over his future and Theo should have seen this coming. He will now have to pitch REMARKABLY well the rest of his Cubs tenure, maybe he will. But really, who sees THAT coming?

Assuming your reply was aimed at me, I still disagree that it was in error.
As it turned out it may have been a mistake, but the STATS at the time, made it ok for the following reasons.
The team needed a starting pitcher on the staff to pick up some innings while rebuilding. Who would have the Cubs used the last two years in that 5th spot if the money had not been invested? Would they have been forced to rush someone up who wasnt ready?
Again, my opinion only Jackson may be making loads of cash, but Management did not know how fast this rebuild would be and might have thought it would take another two years.
So really whats this conversation all about? Opinion.
We both agree his days are numbered.

Lets give Edwin one more year? Thats not our decision.
Some look at a bad signing or a bad trade as bad Management, like they should be perfect! I know of no one perfect, please correct me or give me an example if I am wrong?
Its easy second guess, especially if you think you can do a better job. I am sure no one in this Chat Room could. If they hire anyone in this chatroom, it would be Doug.
To focus on mistakes when tons more good has been achieved, wow! Worried about the money, look at the payroll. Look at the money not spent as the whole the Organization has and is improving. Then look at that money and be thankful if one of the FA you guys insist is needed, is then signed.

I think what you mean is us fans giving him another year as in NOT crucifying him?
THAT IS our decision, as fans. Am I getting your point CubsTalk? OK, that’s reasonable and respectful and since we don’t have much choice anyway I too am hoping Jackson turns it around. As I said earlier, he needs to pitch REMARKABLY well. BUT, I will not be disappointed should THEO not give him another chance. Signing Jackson was an error..oops I mean MISTAKE. That error (darn!)…MISTAKE does not mean I nor anybody expects perfection from Theo or any other GM, President, Owner, Player etc. What it means is #$@ happens as it did regarding signing Ian Stewart. So far these err…MISTAKES are benign enough and in no way diminishes the skill both Epstein and Hoyer bring to their jobs. In no way does seeing the Jackson signing as an er..MISTAKE indicate we fans expect perfection from Theo. He is doing a very good job indeed! There was very little second guessing the signing of Jackson as what he has so far delivered surprises very few of us. Theo just made an err…arghh a MISTAKE. BTW CubsTalk, you mean Anibal Sanchez right? The pitcher that Jackson should NOT be compared to?? Gotcha, have a good one CubsTalk No more journalism shots and you’ll be finešŸ˜‰ Maybe?

Joey, if your trying to make me mad or irritate me, you cant. lol
However, if your trying to make yourself look like an immature jerk, your doing a very good job.

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