8/15 Cubs lineup

Travis Wood makes the start Friday night for the Cubs against the Mets. Here’s the lineup:

Coghlan LF
Baez 2B
Rizzo 1B
Castro SS
Castillo C
Alcantara CF
Sweeney RF
Valaika 3B
Wood P


Just an opinion of course, but I would love to Alcantara between Coghlan & Baez in that lineup.

I’m thinking even a struggling Olt would look better at 3B than Valaika and serve a larger purpose regarding next season’s roster. If Lake could stick why not Olt??? Could they be setting up Olt as a tradable FIRST baseman? Making him more attractive to other teams in need of a FIRST baseman rather than a THIRD baseman? Hey, the benefit of the doubt is firmly in Theo’s court. Looking forward to some of his wheeling and dealing this offseason.

I see this Management thinking so far outside the box, that it will take other Organizations years to catch up.
Bryant, 3B possibly OF. Alcantara, 2B, OF. Baez, SS, 2B, Olt 3B, 1B. Schwarber, C, OF. Russell, SS, ?.
So thinking about it in a year ot two, if someone goes down there is instant replacement, not losing much talent.
Right now Valaika plays every where and taking up Catching. So until others arrive, he is making his self as valuable to the team as possible. Maybe free up Valbuena in a trade.

Be great to see McKinney, Russell, Schwarber and Carantini, along with Edwards, Johnson and Black.
Pitching kind of scares me in the AFL, after a long season though. Understanding thats not the case for Edwards this year.

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