8/15 Roster move

Junior Lake was optioned to Triple-A Iowa after Friday’s game to make room on the 25-man roster for pitcher Dan Straily, who will start on Saturday. The plan is for Lake to get at-bats in the Minors, and return on Sept. 1 when rosters expand.

— Carrie Muskat


Good plan… Lake needs to adjust or be gone …. Very bad this year

Aloha Petrey- So much excitement at the beginning of the season in regard to Lake. I hope he can find his swing-rhythm and be even stronger. To use this not as a “demotion,” but rather as an opportunity to hone in on his skills so that he can be a bigger contributor to the team. Mahalo!

I agree, k.g. This move should have been made six weeks ago. Has been apparent Junior needs regular ab`s. I love his athleticism as does Terry Collins who commented on that topic just yesterday. Did you hear about Philadelphia and Tokyo winning their games yesterday? The Pennsylvania pitcher, Mo`ne, garnered most of the accolades, but that Japanese pitcher was superb, yielding just one hit to a formidable Latin American team. I`ve heard it said the Chicago team comes from the Morgan Park neighborhood. As I do not live anywhere near that city, I wonder if anyone can tell me if that is one of the troubled areas we hear so often about on the news, or is it indeed a safer neighborhood? Either way, I`m thinking that group of players and their mentors deserve much praise for excelling in that environment.

Aloha jhosk- I want to thank you for the updates! I do not have ESPN, but try to check in on the web at their website. I also feel for Chicago right now, the past few years have been tough and to have a team come out of their is a blessing. Mahalo!

Jorge Soler!

THIS DOES NOT ADDRESS MAIN PROBLEM – Edwin JAckson-time for waiver and accept he was a mistake

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