8/16 Cubs lineup

Dan Straily makes his Cubs debut on Saturday night against the Mets. Straily, acquired from the Athletics on July 4, will be the 10th starting pitcher used by Cubs this season. Last year, they used nine. Here’s the lineup:

Coghlan LF
Baez 2B
Rizzo 1B
Castro SS
Ruggiano RF
Alcantara CF
Castillo C
Valaika 3B
Straily P


Aloha Folks- hope Straily has a good game, would be neat to see him pan out possibly as that would be another “option,” for the pitching staff. Mahalo!

Am watching the game with the Mets` broadcasters, one of whom is Keith Hernandez. Both agree the Cubs and Mets may be a good fit as trading partners, given the Cubs are loaded with position prospects and Mets have a plethora of pitching youngsters. Hernandez was critical of Ruggiano for allowing that ball in the second inning to sail over his head. If one is going to play shallow, you`d better have the means to get back on flies such as that, or do not play shallow. Keith referred to a hanging curve ball by Straily to the Mets` shortstop as a “helicopter.”

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