8/17 Kris Bryant update

Kris Bryant was undergoing an MRI on his left big toe on Sunday in Des Moines. Bryant had to come out of Saturday’s game because of some discomfort. He apparently injured his toe a couple days ago, and aggravated it on Saturday. An X-ray taken Saturday was inconclusive.

— Carrie Muskat


Aloha Carrie- what a relief, hope they are able to pin-point the issue. Wonder how long he will be out and I am sure depending on the seriousness of the injury, will he be back for any portion of this season? Thank you for the updates. Mahalo!

Bryant should be permitted a liberal period of time to rest. The minor leagues are not important; is why they are called the minors. Did you know, k.g., that both Japan and Pennsylvania won their games today in Williamsport? I believe each will not play again until Wednesday as each is undefeated. Philadelphia is fortunate to have won, as their game was touch and go. Japan won 9-5 over Mexico. Don`t know the details. Unfortunately Chicago was blown out by Las Vegas. But it`s a double elimination scenario, meaning the Great Lakes representative has not been eliminated.

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