8/18 Cubs 4, Mets 1

* Kyle Hendricks posted his sixth straight quality start Monday, leading the Cubs to a 4-1 win over the Mets. He gave up one run over seven innings. He’s the first Cubs rookie to have six straight QS since Kerry Wood put together two seven-game streaks in 1998. Hendricks has a 5-1 record and 1.05 ERA in his last six games.

* Javier Baez hit his fifth home run, a two-run shot into the upper deck, in the ninth. He has tied Kevin Roberson (1993) and Carmelo Martinez (1983) as Cubs with five home runs in their first 14 games.

* Anthony Rizzo hit his 28th home run in the eighth inning. It’s his third in his last seven games. He trails the Marlins’ Giancarlo Stanton, who has 32 homers.

* With the win, the Cubs now have won more games in August than they did last year, when they were 8-20 in August 2013.

* Matt Szczur made his first Major League start in left field, subbing for Chris Coghlan, who has been battling a sore left big toe.


I listened to the Mets` radio broadcasters` description of today`s contest, one of whom is Howie Rose. Both were in awe of Baez`s blast. They commented several times on the prodigious nature of the dinger.

Aloha jhosk- love that term, “prodigious” to explain a dinger! Was talking with some old timers the past weekend about Mantle’s strength from both sides of the plate and that he blasted his homers when the bats were heavier, pitchers mounds were higher. Taking away nothing from today’s players, those golden years of ball must have been great to watch! By the way, kudo’s to Hendricks today and his pitching! Gives us hope for the future (Hendricks, Wada, Arrieta!). Mahalo!

Yes, k.g., I`ve heard it said few long balls at Citifield reach that second deck where Javy`s landed. Is interesting you mention Mantle. I saw many of his blasts via television during his career as I grew up in the 50`s. I was fortunate to meet the Mick at a bookstore in Chicago in 1985. Believe it was Krach`s (sp?). Don`t know if it even exists these days. I bought his book at the time and stood in line for him to sign it. Book was titled “The Mick” and was written with the assistance of Herb Gluck. My lady friend at the time snapped a photo of myself and Mantle as he signed my book. I had a conversation with the man also. Am glad you mentioned this subject as I had forgotten about the book and picture as they`ve been mothballed for many years. I searched and did find them. Is interesting the Cubs will be playing the Giants, a team you are very familiar with. Mahalo!

Aloha jhosk! That is a cool story. I think it was neat you were able to meet Mantle and get a photo with him too! None of them were perfect of course but I wish the younger folks could have experienced watching those players, ie the 3 great center-fielders all in one locale (NYC): Mantle, Mays & Snider! I hope Wada has a great outing today and the bats come alive! Mahalo!

I`m pulling for Wada, k.g., as I always do, and I have far more confidence in him than in Edwin. The Chicago little league team has another critical game tonight vs. Texas. Pa. has to face that juggernaut lineup from Las Vegas tomorrow. Not sure when Tokyo plays again; would assume tomorrow also. Oakland`s offense has sputtered since Cespides departed. Mahalo!

Aloha jhosk- Yes, that team from Las Vegas is making news, I hope Chicago and PA have good games too. Cespides was a gamble for Beane, thinking he could get the pitching out of Lester and that that would be more important for the playoffs, will see if it works. Hope Wada gets support tonight! Mahalo!

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