8/18 Cubs lineup

Kyle Hendricks gets the start Monday in the Cubs series finale against the Mets. Chris Coghlan is still bothered by a sore toe on his left foot, so Arismendy Alcantara will lead off. And Matt Szczur gets his first Major League start. Here’s the lineup:

Alcantara CF
Baez 2B
Rizzo 1B
Castro SS
Valbuena 3B
Ruggiano RF
Castillo C
Szczur LF
Hendricks P


Since Baez was brought up, Alcantara was dropped in the batting order and his AVG and OBP went bad. Hopefully he will get some hits leading off. I would still like to see him second.
Renteria stated he wanted to use Szczur;s speed? Really? So bat him 8th?
I would love to see a week of: Alcantara #2, Baez #3, Rizzo #4 and Castro #5. Castillo #8. Coughlan or Szczur #1.
Just my opinion on the line up.

Szczur has speed, but in order to utilize speed on offense, you need to actually get on base. Szczur’s average and OBP at AAA weren’t great, so I don’t blame Renteria for starting him off batting 8th in the Major League lineup. Plus in the 8-spot, you don’t see pitchers challenging you as often due to the fact that the hitter on deck is the pitcher most of the time. Let’s see if Szczur can be patient and selective at the plate and maybe increase his chances of actually using his speed on offense. If he shows he can do that, then maybe it’s worth bumping him up in the lineup next time. After all, Tony Campana was one of the fastest players the Cubs have ever had, but he never really batted near the top of the lineup because he couldn’t get on base enough to justify it.

Well if hes anymore more selective at the plate than 7 of the other guys, that would be a plus.
Agree on Campana, also noticed Szczur’s OBP. Without Coghlan in the lineup there really isnt much of an OBP to put at leadoff.

Speaking of lineups (my attempt at a segue), I noticed that Olt played third yesterday. Maybe the Bryant injury will give him a chance to shake off the rust at third (if he has any), and help facilitate a call to Chicago in September.

Very good point Cubs Win, I noticed that also.

After Olt was sent down, he has been played 25 games out 26 at 1st base. I think that was what Cubs Win was pointing out.

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