8/18 Cubs vs Giants

Kyle Hendricks gets the start Monday in the Cubs series finale against the Mets at Citi Field. Here are the pitching matchups for the upcoming homestand against the Giants:

Tuesday: LHP Tsuyoshi Wada (2-1, 3.15) vs. RHP Ryan Vogelsong (7-8,
Wednesday: RHP Edwin Jackson (6-13, 5.74) vs. RHP Jake Peavy (1-3,
Thursday: LHP Travis Wood (7-10, 4.86) vs. LHP Madison Bumgarner (13-9, 3.14)


Why in the world do the Cubs keep pitching Edwin Jackson, knowing they will be in a big hole from the first inning onward? He is a thrower and not a pitcher and should be in the bullpen or in the minors.

J.W., I’m sure you’re aware that relievers need to be sharp as soon as they get in the game. If Jackson has a tough time with the first inning, then he wouldn’t be right for that role

So what do you do with him? Keep starting him every 5 days? Let him face one batter at a time from the bull pen and see if he can adjust.

Opinion of course: I think Jackson was needed for innings and so no prospects were rushed up, until this point. With the addidtion of Doubront, Straily and Turner, one of the three should be taking Jacksons starts the rest of the year.
Straily just started a game, Turner pitched a couple innings two or three days ago, Doubront started yesterday at AAA.
Hopefully this is Jacksons last start.
There was a point in Straily’s start where he retired 11 in a row, before hitting Wright. His first start as a Cub, was not good, but there were positives.

I hope they DFA him before the start of the next season. The Cubs are a big market team and starting this offseason I’d like to see some financial muscle added to the rebuild. And if that means eating Jackson’s salary for two years than so be it.

we actually may not need to really flex that much financial muscle…. we only have 31 million roughly committed for 2015…. add in arb increases… and we are what 40-45 mill MAYBE? Even if we stay the 80-90mill payroll range that is a BUNCH of money available for acquiring MLB talent. I must say though I think about 10-12mill will go towards IFA acquitions next year. We will have a decent size pool with being in the bottom 7ish teams. I am betting we take on the penalties and get as much quantity as we can.

Exactly. Their payroll is very low. I see no reason why they couldn’t just absorb his contract and still go out and spend some money. But it’s not my money, so we’ll see.

I don’t see a problem with absorbing that contract

Aloha Cubs Win- I think one signal they can send to EJax is not starting him as much anymore. The opposite is to start him regularly and hope he turns it around so someone is willing to cough something up (a low level prospect) for him but I do not see that happening at this rate. So, again, just stop him from starting put him in the bullpen or something. We will see if it ignites him at all or not but at least it begins the transition and in the end, the FO has to take responsibility for bringing him in, in the first place. I know what Petrey is saying and no disrespect but I think it is a cop-out if the FO believes that because the payroll is so low that it can eat EJax’s last two years. One of two things happens if the acquisition of EJax were a good one, then next year you are looking for at least 1 pitcher and 1 strong bat to compliment the team. But because EJax has not turned out to be what they thought, we now have to get up to two pitchers and still could used a strong bat-position player. Because of EJax, we have less to spend now and the needs are greater than if he did his job well. I remember at the time that Theo lost A. Sanchez, and unloading so many of the previous players, that he should just have passed on EJax. Hindsight is 50/50 as they say but again, just looking at what happened leading up to making that decision. I know from this point on in the season, I as a fan would want to see Wada, Hendricks, Arrieta, Rusin/Wood/Straily as the starters because I would hope that 3+ of those above pitchers are starting for us next year and it would be nice to support them now. We will have to see how they, the FO plays it out for the last 1.5 months! Mahalo!

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