8/19 Hit parade

Cubs pitching held the Mets to four hits in each of the four games in their just-completed series. It’s the second time since 1914 that the Cubs allowed four or fewer hits in four-straight games. The other time came in 1983 — April 28 vs. the Padres and April 29-May 1 vs. the Dodgers. According to Elias, the Cubs are the first big league team to hold their opponent to four or fewer hits in four-consecutive games since 2008 when the Mets had a five-game streak in July. The Cubs are the first to turn the trick in four-straight games in a single series since the Houston Colt 45’s did so in September 1963 against the Mets at the Polo Grounds. In at least the last 100 years, the Cubs have never allowed four or fewer hits in five-straight games.


Edwin Jackson can end all that good work.

And probably will. The thing is though, the Cubs have pretty good Management that makes those decisions.
They will eventually correct the Jackson situation. It may not be this year, but over winter I am sure. There are to many guys right there and ready to step in. Jackson will not be needed next year.

Agreed. Felix Doubront is on a rehab assignment at AAA and pitched 6 innings his last time out. I’m guessing he wouldn’t be stretched out to be a starter during his rehab just to be thrown in the bullpen for occasional work when he gets off the DL. Turner can’t really be stretched out to start because he’s out of options and I’m sure Straily will be called up again once rosters expand in September. So my guess is that when Doubront is finished with his rehab assignment, he will go into the rotation, and unless something happens between now and then, Jackson would be put in a roll like Villanueva’s: long relief and mop up duty. Then they’ll figure out what to do with him and the rest of the rotation this offseason.
Speaking of which, I saw Mark Gonzales’ mailbag in the Tribune today. He fielded a question about Jackson, to which he responded that the Cubs could try a trade much like the Milton Bradley for Carlos Silva deal from a few years ago. I took a quick look around to see if any trade would make sense (a player on another team who might need a change of scenery himself) and matched in dollars and/or contract length. There wasn’t much that was jumping out at me, but the closest I could find was Tim Lincecum, who has one year and $18 million left on his deal (Jackson is 2 years and $22 million). I don’t know if the Giants would be interested in Jackson (or the Cubs in a rapidly declining Lincecum for that matter), but it might make some sense to see if a change of scenery and a different coaching staff could help both. That deal would free up money next year for the Giants, and for the Cubs it would give them a chance at a rebound season for a two-time Cy Young Award winner or at the very least open up a spot in the rotation a year sooner than if they kept Jackson for the length of his deal. Again, no clue if this would ever happen, but it’s the only one that made much sense to me.

Aloha Doug- That is interesting what you pose about Lincecum for Jackson. I was saying earlier that the FO could move Jackson into the bullpen now to see how he does, might ignite him or not but transition him to other things. You bring up a nifty move as I, like jhosk would be very happy to see Timmy in a Cubs uniform. Folks thought things about Dennis E, when he left the Cubs was there anything left and boy there was, give La Russa credit. I am not saying that Timmy could be the next “Eck” but I think that would be a gamble worth taking and letting them have Jackson. I think Lincecum has a better work ethic than EJax and just might do well in the friendly confines. One of the issues is that Tim is so well loved in this area and management knows it. Folks want the “old Tim” to come back and are willing to support him. And Cubs Win, it has been funny listening in on KNBR and them making fun of our Cubbies ground crew! Folks calling in and giving “Tarp…” names because of the perceived fiasco! I just wish we could have gotten in 5 full innings before the rain, Wada was pitching so well! Mahalo!

I would take Tim Lincecum in a New York minute. Are you serious? I don`t care what he has done or not done lately. He`s a keeper, in my book. I still covet observing him work more than any hurler in the major leagues. To put another way, I for one would be ecstatic to see Tim Lincecum join the Cubs` staff. To get back to reality, the Giants would have to be absolutely out of their minds to make that deal, i.e., Tim for Edwin, but if they are foolish enough to do so, I`m all in.

Lincecum is definitely overpaid. But I think it is more likely he’d move to the bullpen next year rather than be traded for Jackson.

The Giants’ announcers are simply astonished at how inept the Cubs’s grounds crew is,

Yes, that is an intelligent comment and an observant one. I`m thinking you and I recall the same thing, namely a recent post-season when Tim indeed was relegated to the bullpen, and he came up big. That is where his future lies, I reckon, meaning as a reliever. And I had that in mind when I contemplated his joining the Cubs. But alas, I`m afraid it`s one of those exercises in futility which I deplore engaging in. Tim is as much likely to join the Cubs as folks are going to begin believing Madonna, who turned 56 today, has blond roots.

I wouldn’t credit myself with intelligence 😎. I just parroted what is discussed on the radio out here endlessly. The hope is he’ll end up like Smoltz or Eck.

I hear you, and I admire people who want to get their facts straight. It was August 16th when Madonna had a birthday, not today.

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