8/20 Cubs 2, Giants 0 – Tuesday

* Anthony Rizzo homered for the second-straight game, hitting a two-run shot in the first over the right field bleachers onto Sheffield Ave. It’s the seventh time this season in which he’s homered in consecutive games. Rizzo’s 239 total bases are second-best in the National League. He had 254 total bases in 160 games last season. Javier Baez drew a walk to set up Rizzo’s home run.

* Tsuyoshi Wada picked up his third straight win, throwing a rain-shortened five-inning complete game. Wada has a 2.08 ERA (7 ER/30 1/3 IP) while walking five and striking out 26 over his last five starts.

* Arismendy Alcantara has hit safely in four of his last five games (.250/4-for-16).

* The Cubs have won three-straight games for the first time since winning four in a row, June 30-July 4.

* Tuesday marked the Cubs’ first suspended game since May 1, 2007, at Pittsburgh, when the game was suspended in the bottom of the seventh with one out and the Cubs leading, 6-5. That game was completed the next day, and the Cubs won, 8-6.

* Tuesday’s game was delayed 4 hours 34 minutes before it was called.


Nice victory for Wada and the Cubs. He gave up 6 hits in 5 innings, but the key was no walks. Hendricks also has been keeping the walk rate down, therefore both have a good WHIP.
Then you look at Jackson and Wood, both with a WHIP over 1.5, then you know there is a reason for their problems this year. Wood last year with a WHIP of 1.15, this year 1.52. He is walking alot of hitters. 200 IP last year, with 66 Walks. This year 144 IP with 66 Walks already. Wood needs to get it together.
No reason to even bring up Jackson, he just Walks alot of hitters. Lack of control? Confidence in his stuff? Umpires? Whatever the reason, fans are getting tired of it and him.

Aloha Jasper- yes. I was a little concerned myself about the amount of hits that Wada gave up (3 of them doubles) but as you mentioned, he gave up no walks and struck out three and threw 56 pitches for strikes out of 79 total. You can work with that. I do hope that Wood can work things out and EJax as I have been mentioning might be best served to be apart of the bullpen at this point. Mahalo!

I dont see Jackson as a bullpen kind of guy K. G. Even in long relief, he walks to many. Long relief is basically to stop the damage, hoping the team can come back. ( my opinion )
I dont see Jackson being able to contribute on short notice, or, not much warm up time. He gives up alot of 1st inning runs even with warm up time.

Aloha Jasper, good point on EJax. I just do not see Theo and the FO “DFA” Edwin, though I think that would be a bold move, not only for our Cubs organization but also for the MLB in general because that would be saying to these players you are not entitled to your position, we took a gamble on you, you are not doing your job so we are releasing you even though we have to pay you for services not rendered. Again, it would be a bold move. Mahalo!

Another good point K. G.
If you were Mangement, would you keep Jackson if you had a possible playoff team, needing his 25 man Roster slot for someone who would help?
Or just make that bold move and continue forward?

Boy Jasper, that is a hard question. With the Giants, it was reported that Barry Zito was very reflective during his struggles and supportive and did what he could to build up the other players. I have not heard this about EJax and when you are in a possible playoff run, chemistry is vital. I think I might make the “bold move” in this case because we now have almost 2yrs of his services to base the decision on. Not like he was picked up at the beginning of this year. And depending on what you have in the bullpen or in the minors (Say at the time you had Hendricks and Wada in AAA just having great seasons), it could be a really great move, i.e. SF Giants bringing up Bumgarner for good in 2010. We will see. Mahalo!

There have been other high dollar players released this year while under contract. Soriano, Uggla and not sure about Zito.
Any team does not need non-performing members, no matter the cost. ( if you have better replacements ) At least thats my opinion.

Soriano is in the final year of his contract, so he will be off the Yankees payroll at the end of the year anyway. Zito is being paid because his $20 million contract option for 2014 was not picked up, so the Giants are paying him the buyout amount of $7 million instead, meaning he was on the payroll for this year no matter what, but they saved $13 million by not having him play for them this season. As for Uggla, he had already lost his starting job and was becoming a distraction to the team with some negative behavior such as not showing up on time to the game and complaining about his lack of playing time. Jackson’s situation is not similar to Soriano’s, because if released, Jackson will be on the Cubs payroll thru the end of the 2016 season. Jackson’s situation is not similar to Zito’s, because Jackson has no contract buyout that would save the Cubs money. Jackson’s situation is not similar to Uggla’s because he has not lost his job (yet) and as far as I know has been on good behavior (so far). If anything Zito proves that you can have a bad pitcher on your staff making a lot of money and still be a competitive team. The Cubs will figure out what to do with Jackson this off-season and will only release him as a last resort. Plus if they do, they will do so with his replacement in place, not a plan of “we’ll see who plays well in Spring Training and go from there.”

I agree 100% as to how well it will be played out in Spring, if: Jackson is still around?
I still feel like Jackson was signed mainly for innings, while the Organization was rebuilding. I am sure Management was hoping for better results, but the signing has kept them from rushing anyone up, plus assisted with some pretty good Darft Picks the last couple years. Positive? Negative?
Then add the question, has the Organization rebuild went much faster than even Management thought it would? May have been the reason for four years.
Should another way to go is as you suggested, bad contract for bad contract?
Is there another team rebuilding that could use the innings, that might give up a prospect, if the Cubs pick up the majority of the salary at the end of 2015 ST, should Jackson not make the starting staff.
Then its possible that tonight starts a nice turn around for Jackson?
All I know is, its very interesting and you never know what this Management will do, but it’s usually good.

Folks have commented on other threads that the Cubs` grounds crew displayed incompetence last night. Is that going to be addressed by management, or will it be chalked up to their just having a bad night? That 4 hour 34 minute delay is an extraordinary length of time. I wonder if it is a new Cubs` record or perhaps it ranks amongst the longest delays in mlb history, or does anyone keep track of such things? I know I would not be a happy camper had I attended the contest and waited all that time just to be told the game would not be resumed.

I heard a report of pretty high winds while trying to roll out the tarp. If thats the case, it is very difficult and the grounds crew deserves a break.
Most fans check the weather before attending a game, then they have a choice. Those who dont check the weather, what can you say?
Those who choose to complain, go for it.

Very correct jhosk, just seen the video of the grounds crew. That was an awful job, wind or rain.
They finish the game tomorrow, and its only right they do so.

Aloha k.g. and J.J. I think you have to keep Jackson. Change what ever you need as his job description,not starter though. Hope he clears his head this offseason and maybe bring a prospect back in July. He will be paid either way but why pay him to sit when he could have a chance to bring back something. Not saying he will but it is a possibility. Chances of him bringing back someone are better with him pitching for the Cubs than not,once again he will still be paid,if not turn him loose then. Not knowing what the offseason will bring,Dougs comment on a trade involving contracts was good,but I do not think at this point you just eat his contract. Mahalo!

Aloha KenlyCub- I love civil and provocative discussion. I was throwing out some scenarios for all to comment on. As I have mentioned before, put EJax in the bullpen for now, it may light a fire under his you know what or it does not. You hope it does and that you get some returns. Now, in regard to Zito and EJax, at this point I think we can all agree unless a miracle happens and Edwin has an amazing turn around and pitches lights out going into next season, the Cubs are not going to get anything big for him. So, it does not matter if there is a Zito buyout option or not, the Cubs are going to lose a lot on his deal. So, I was trying to say clearly, knowing that you are not going to get much for him (unless something big happens), you need to “suck it up,” smell the coffee and figure out your options. The Cubs are not a playoff bound team this year but could be on the verge of something very special so, just like a playoff team you need to ask oneself, is EJax taking a spot that we could use for someone else to “audition” at? So, I agree, put him in the bullpen, you hope you get something in return. But I could also see them cutting him loose too, which at this state of the game, I was calling a bold move if they did it. Would not be surprised as you and Doug state, seeing him still around by season’s end. So, again let me say for the record, unless a miracle happens and an amazing turn around that wipes out what he has done in the past 2 years, our Cubbies are going to eat it big time on his contract no matter if he stays and continues to pitch the way he has the past 2 years or he is let go for next to nothing and the team eats the contract. I hope I am wrong, I want to be wrong on this and it could begin tonight. Mahalo!

Hes off to a great start tonight.

This is a little off message, but am watching TV before going into Wrigley and just saw ‘The Sharks’ pitching line. 3.2 innings, 7 hits, 7 earned runs!!! Against the Mets!! A team we gave up 4 hits or less all 4 games. Big game pitcher??? Thank you Theo. Addison Russel!!! Oh? And Sharks replacement- Kyle Hendricks. Nothing needs to be said there.

Still early on that trade, glad Theo/Hoyer pulled it off. I also noticed Samardizja’s start today.

Jeff S. has a history of pitching poorly vs. the Metropolitans. His e.r.a. is very high over the years when facing that club.

Aloha k.g. I like a good political representative would like to retract and refrain from ever talking about Edwin Jackson again. I was under duress and actually totally out of my mind when I made that statement,Cubs Fans excuse my temporary insanity for I still believe in the overall plan,now back to the L.L. World Series which has actually been must see T.V. Mahalo!

Aloha KenlyCub! Thank you so much, I needed a good laugh. I was in San Francisco for an evening meeting tonight for a senior citizen organization that I help out at, the Giants are supporters of this organization. So, on the way into the meeting, on the drive I am listening as I am sure Cubs Win was too, on 680am KNBR and I could not believe how fast things went south. There is a part of me that feels bad for EJax, I do not want to see any player do poorly. I also feel that Theo has to own up to this acquisition as one that did not work out, the faster he does this the faster it is behind him. Anyhow, I think for a time, EJax should be taken out of the rotation and put in the bullpen and they can go from there. I just hope our Cubbies can finish off the rain-shortened game with a win then possibly get a second one in the evening. Mahalo!

Wants ace $!! No thanks! Addison Russell batting 300, fast tracking to Wrigley. Use $ saved from a Shark extension to put toward Lester or Schezer

On second thought, sign Lester & Scherzer. Rotation of Lester, Scherzer, Arrieta, Hendricks & Wood. Jackson traded with 1 or 2 mid grade prospects ( we have plenty) to any team to take his contest

I know we could afford both but I think it would be foolish to do that….. I think you got to get one of the top arms, no doubt. BUT adding too much in one offseason IMO is bad for the future flexibility. One top arm this year… another next year… filling/upgrading holes as we see what the young guys can do will provide us with the flexibility we are looking for. We dont need to be trying to buy a championship…. we just need to spend our money wisely!

Aloha Stephen, I have heard from some baseball folks that Lester will go back to Boston when the season is over. Now of course anything can happen. I also think a rotation of Arrieta, Hendricks, Wada with a Hamels, Scherzer or Lester would be good. I agree with petrey on this, spending the money wisely, so one very good FA arm signing in the off-season because you may need to pick up a good bat too. Then with the fifth spot you have options in Wood, Turner, Straily and so forth. Mahalo.

Contract. (Sorry)

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