8/20 MLB upholds Giants’ protest

Major League Baseball announce that Tuesday’s Cubs game against the giants will resume on Thursday at Wrigley Field, starting at 4:05 p.m. CT, with the Cubs batting in the bottom of the fifth. Following the conclusion of the game, the Cubs and Giants will play their regularly-scheduled game at 7:05 p.m. CT.

Ticket holders from Tuesday’s game may redeem their tickets for Thursday’s 4:05 p.m. game and remain for the regularly scheduled 7:05 p.m. contest against the Giants. Ticket holders for Thursday’s 7:05 p.m. game may also attend the 4:05 p.m. game from their ticketed seats.

To redeem tickets, fans must present the Tuesday game ticket at the Wrigley Field Ticket Office. Tickets may be redeemed for the best comparable seats and are subject to availability. Tickets cannot be refunded or exchanged for cash value.

Tuesday ticket holders who cannot make Thursday’s game may opt for a complimentary weeknight game at Wrigley Field during the remainder of the 2014 season.

Major League Baseball announced that Executive Vice President for Baseball Operations Joe Torre has upheld a protest filed by the Giants regarding the calling of their rain-shortened game against the Cubs on Tuesday.

An examination of the circumstances of the game has led to the determination that there was sufficient cause to believe that there was a “malfunction of a mechanical field device under control of the home club” within the meaning of Official Baseball Rule 4.12(a)(3). Available video of the incident, and conversations with representatives of the Cubs, demonstrate that the Cubs’ inability to deploy the tarp appropriately was caused by the failure to properly wrap and spool the tarp after its last use. As a result, the grounds keeping crew was unable to properly deploy the tarp after the rain worsened. In accordance with Rule 4.12(a)(3), the game should be considered a suspended game that must be completed at a future date.

In addition, Major League Baseball has spoken with the crew chief, Hunter Wendelstedt, and has concluded that the grounds crew worked diligently in its attempt to comply with his direction and cover the field. Thus, there is no basis for the game to be forfeited by the Cubs pursuant to Rule 4.16.


After seeing how that tarp was put down, I agree 100%.
Terrible job.

This is extraordinary, meaning a protest being upheld. The Giants are the first mlb team to be successful in filing a protest in 28 years. It is the correct decision as other posters have already asserted.

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