8/20 Tennessee update

Addison Russell drove in five runs and C.J. Edwards threw five scoreless innings, but it wasn’t enough as Double-A Tennessee lost, 7-6, to Montgomery. Russell, ranked No. 6 on MLBPipeline.com’s Top 100 Prospects list, hit an RBI double in the first inning and hit a grand slam in the seventh. He finished the game 2-for-5 and scored twice.

The grand slam was Russell’s second home run in as many days. Since he was acquired from the A’s in the Jeff Samardzija deal, Russell was hitting .301/.348/.556 with 10 home runs in 39 games.

Edwards, No. 56 on the Top 100, was making his fourth start since returning from a three-month stay on the disabled list. He struck out seven, walked two and held the Biscuits to two hits. He threw 80 pitches and extended his shutout streak to 14 innings. In eight starts for Tennessee this season, Edwards is 1-1 with a 2.31 ERA. The 22-year old has struck out 37 batters and walked 15 in 39 innings.


Should Edwards stay healthy and continue his progress, its possible we see him in Chicago by next June or July.
Looking forward to seeing both Edwards and Russell in the AFL this fall.

So far so good for Russell. The Cubs are going to have some big decisions to make soon.

Sometimes I think I have their vision figured out, then they throw me for a loop. Example is this Cuban OF Castillo. Report on Trade Rumors, Cubs are backing off. Report on other Blog, Cubs are the favorite for Castillo. Experts predict he is a probable 4th OF.
So then my question is why pay, 35 to 55 million on a 5 to 7 year contract? Alcantara is just getting his feet wet at the ML level. Some predict Soler will be up soon. There is Sweeny, Coghlan and Ruggiano while waiting for Russell, possibly Bryant, Szczur, then deeper, Almora, McKinney, Schwarber and so on.
Then of course if you do sign Castillo, there is more trade power. I think I have it figured, then I dont. lol

Aloha Jasper- these are great problems to have if you know what I mean: having so many now that could come up to the bigs or in the near future, you never know the Phillies might want to work something out again for Mr. Hamel, just for example. Take care now. Mahalo!

Thats all I can come with with K. G., trade bait. The Cubs also have alot of decent prospects on that Rule 5 list. Its will be interesting very soon

K.G. – they are definitely “first world problems.” An infield of Bryant, Russell, Baez, and Rizzo sure looks to me like a unit that could make multiple World Series runs.

Aloha Cubs Win, that’s for sure! Mahalo!

I also like that scenerio as mentioned before. That leaves Castro out, OF or trade?

Had not thought about that, meaning Castro. I wish Barney could play other positions like Juan Uribe was able to for the Giants so many years back. It really pays to have a great defensive person – utility player on the bench that can come in. Of course that person has to be able to deliver at the plate too. I only bring him up because of his defensive abilities. But if going forward, there is no more Castro at SS, you would think he is traded as he has value that could help another team out. Mahalo.

With Castro’s past history of not concentrating, its easy to overlook his fielding record this year, it has been very good. Also, Barney did play SS.
Castro’s value not only would be very high, because he is doing well at the plate and his position this year, add on his age and then the team friendly contract.
He would go for alot, but then would you trade him? Very difficult decision.

but yet its really not one of his best defensive years …. sure its one of his lowest Error years…. no doubt….. but his range is down dramatically…. his UZR is the worst it has ever been. But yet we see the low errors and are happy. There is more to the picture than just errors.

Of course there is petrey10, but some of us ole fellers dont really understand all the new STATS. It would be very nice to be schooled on things like UZR?
It would make for interesting conversation and I am willing and open minded enough to try to understand.

Jasper – I think Castro is a very good player. I like him a lot. I have never been one to advocate trading him, and I would be sad to see him go. But that changed when they got Russell. I think ultimately one of those two players gets traded. I don’t think it is likely either one gets moved to the OF or third. Castro seems more likely to get traded just because he is already proven. But who knows? Maybe they both end up with the Cubs and they do something else? I don’t see Baez getting traded, because he legitamately could hit 30+ HRs a year, and that is hard to find, espeically a 2nd.

I agree that Castro may become expendable for many reasons, all can be summed as very valuable. As you state, I think Russell is the reason. My opinion is he will be the better SS over Baez and Castro. But, we may not see Russell until July of next year.
So if and I do say if, why trade Castro over the winter? Would he be even more valuable at the deadline next year? Also, who plays SS until Russell is ready?

These are all good questions. My guess is that if the Cubs do want to trade Castro (a big if), they would have determined his value and what they want for him. Whenever another team offers what they want they’d take it. Like they did with the A’s and Billy Beane. If they got the right offer, Billy Beane didn’t see the need to wait, so both team pulled the trigger. But maybe they want to wait longer to evaluate Russell?

Thats what I would do, wait. Not only to evaluate Russell, but wait until he is ready to step right into the position as a regular.
Should Castro be traded after the season, we all know the package will be one you cant turn down.

geez i did want to start the Castro trade talk again……….. bc IMO its STUPID… not you personally so don’t take it that way. I just think the idea of it is STUPID. And honestly your reason for trading castro was “because he is more proven” WHY IN THE HECK WOULD WE TRADE THE MORE PROVEN PRODUCT?????????????? At some point we have to keep the valuable players on this team to compete for a WS…. by trading that PROVEN TALENT you hurt the team not only now but possibly for years to come if Russell can’t make it. Russell Castro and Baez ALL 3 could play 2B, 3B and SS… plus possibly/most likely play an OF spot. Please tell me why having all three of these guys in the starting roster is going to force a trade? I don’t see it. Bryant can play OF… heck he played some CF in college… Having flexibility in positions would be a great thing for injuries down the road.
UZR is a stat that put a quantitive number of runs saved for the player…. it factors in arm strength, range factor, error factor, etc etc…. it is not END ALL BE ALL. Its just another piece to look at in the total picture and this year it seems taht Castro has a negative UZR….making him below average…. google fangraphs UZR for more info. Its a great read and great tool to learn a little more

Those are good points. I guess we’ll just see what happens.

Nothing wrong with possibles petrey10, just discussion. Just from my perspective, I will answer your question on the Castro trade talk. If I am management, would I rather sign a FA Ace Pitcher to a contract over 140 Million or trade for one under team control for couple years?
Then as you say, if his range is down dramatically, why wouldnt Management weigh all options? Because they think it would be stupid? I would think it stupid if they didnt.
Of course it would all depend on the development of Russell, just a scenerio.
No need to take offense to the topic, join in or dont. I find it interesting.
Thank you for the UZR information.

Trust me management will weigh all options and yes everyone is available but like you saw for Shark… its going to take a boat load to get em…. add in Castro has even more value and control than Shark. There is maybe a couple teams who could put together a package for Castro to make it even a fair trade. Your question as to whether I would trade for a FA pitcher for over 140 mill or trade for one under control? Well honestly I would rather sign one for the money…. we have soooooooooo much surplus cash right now. Trading for a pitcher under team control is going to get you 2-3 years of control… MAX… for most likely a pitcher who is not as proven as the FA pitcher because if that pitcher is under control then most likely he is up for a significant raise much like a FA pitcher or he hasn’t produced or injuries. Such as Price…. he’s up for FA next offseason unless the Tigers extend him for a sizeable amount ANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNDDDDDDD the Tigers gave up prospects to get him…. when everyone knew that the Rays couldn’t afford Price and he was either going to get traded or hit FA.
So what I am saying is why give up some of our top talent to acquire pitching when 1) Pitchers have an alarmingly high rate of arm trouble… in pretty much any age range 2) most of these pitchers acquired in trades are going to still cost us a LARGE sum of money 3) there are sufficient quality arms on the FA market each year that are only requiring money then we get to keep our prospects to fill in the holes and hopefully at some point we will have SURPLUS talent. At that point there would be no problem with trading away a little bit of that surplus to upgrade but we are YEARS away from that.

Very nice, well stated reply. Its always cool to see another persons point of view, if weighed with an open mind. Every thing you say makes sense.
This may sound out there to you, but I always look at the money. I look at it like if I owned the team, or worse if I were still trying to pay for the team while trying to become competitive.
Example only! Could I trade Castro, for Chris Archer, of course others involved. I have Archer under control for two or three years. Then I take that 140 million I would be paying Lester ot Scherzer and put it towards my debt on the team saving interest. Or, use it for the improvments towards Wrigley?
With how Management as built my Organization, not only will the ML team become competitive, but I can pay against my loan, or, not have to borrow so much for improvments on my investment.

Aloha petrey, those are well-stated points. I agree with you, our Cubbies with the cash savings they have, could go out now and get a very good FA pitcher and as you state, get a contract that protects the organization’s interest. Maybe with all the talent now in the minors and those that just came up, one might be able to trade for a good bat-position player possibly. Mahalo.

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